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Able 2 Doc' title='Able 2 Doc' />Ruby Doc Steven Universe Wiki. This article is about the Homeworld Gem. You may be looking for another Ruby. Able 2 Doc' title='Able 2 Doc' />Focus, Rubies This is an important mission from Yellow Diamond, so we cant mess it up. Hit the DiamondClick here to see more of Ruby Docs quotes. Ruby. Ruby, nicknamed Doc by Steven, is a Homeworld Gem who made her debut in Hit the Diamond. She is the leader of the Ruby troops sent by Yellow Diamond to retrieve Jasper. She was last seen floating in space after Steven opened the airlock on the Moon Base. Appearance Docs complexion is the same as the Crystal Gem. Rubys in color, but she wears a yellow transparent visor similar to Peridots and a pair of red shorts, held on by a pair of black suspenders that have two halves of a yellow diamond on the edges. Doc Ready helps you get ready for the first time you visit a doctor to discuss your mental health. Stop searching for lost or damaged paper. 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Able2Doc-Professional_1.png' alt='Able 2 Doc' title='Able 2 Doc' />Her gemstone is located on her chest. Personality Doc is a natural leader, assertive and professional in her actions. While the others are often distracted, she stays on task. She is the most competent member of the group along with Ruby Eyeball, who is more experienced in Gem history, due to being older than her. She uses strict and commanding language when interacting with the other Rubies, but is very respectful towards Amethyst who was shape shifting to appear like Jasper. Like the other Rubies, Doc is easily fooled by disguises or lies. She also made the error of not including herself in counting the group when she noticed too many Rubies standing about. History Doc and her squad of Rubies prepare to search for Jasper after arriving on Earth. They notice a nearby barn and decide to search it. Steven is able to fool them, however, convincing them that they need to win a game of baseball before they can check the barn. The Ruby squad and the Crystal Gem Ruby constitute the Ruby team. They face off against the human team Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Sapphire. Doc plays as the pitcher for the Rubies. They are able to take the lead in the top of the ninth, but ultimately lose when Sapphire hits a two run home run in the second half of the inning. When Sapphire reaches the home plate, she accidentally fuses with Ruby, revealing themselves to be Gems. The Homeworld Rubies realize they have been deceived and fuse together. Peridot runs out of the barn to help the other Crystal Gems. Upon learning that she was assigned to the Earth mission, the Ruby fusion demands that Peridot tell her where Jasper is. Coreavc 2.0 (For Windows) Free Download'>Coreavc 2.0 (For Windows) Free Download. Steven tells her that Jasper is on Neptune, convincing the Rubies and prompting them to defuse. They board their Roaming Eye and head to Neptune. Doc and her Ruby squad return to Earth. After arriving, the Rubies are imprisoned in water bubbles by Lapis. The Rubies are released from their water bubbles and questioned by Steven. He asks them why they have returned, and Doc reveals to the Crystal Gems that they have realized they have been deceived again, being unable to find Jasper after searching for her on Neptune and all the other planets in the solar system. She angrily demands that they tell her where Jasper is. The Rubies are tricked again, however, when they take Amethyst for Jasper after she had shape shifted into the Homeworld Gem. Doc informs her that Yellow Diamond is awaiting her return and that they can take her back to Homeworld. Amethyst convinces the Rubies to allow her to stay on Earth with the pretext of keeping the Crystal Gems prisoner. Using the Roaming Eye, the Rubies and the Crystal Gems travel to the Moon Base after Doc tells Amethyst that she will need to file a report to Yellow Diamond. At the base, they discover the main panel destroyed and the Diamond Communicator missing. After Amethyst gives Eyeball the task of filing the report for her back on Homeworld, the Rubies board the Roaming Eye and prepare to leave. Doc exits the ship to offer Amethyst a ride back to Earth, and sees her in her normal form. With her disguise revealed, Doc orders the other Rubies to assemble and they fuse to fight the Crystal Gems. After Steven opens the airlock, Sardonyx forces the Ruby fusion to un fuse and the Rubies are sucked out into the vacuum of space. When the Gems and Steven leave Earth in the Roaming Eye on their way to rescue Greg from Pink Diamonds Zoo, they accidentally hit Doc and she sticks to the windshield briefly before rolling off. Ruby Navy presumably rescued Ruby Eyeball from space with the Roaming Eye, as Eyeball appears on Homeworld in The Trial. It is unknown whether Navy also rescued Doc. Abilities Doc possesses standard Gem abilities. Pyrokinetic Touch Like the Crystal Gem Ruby, Doc is shown to be able to set things on fire by touching them. This is shown in Hit the Diamond when she sets the baseball on fire before throwing it. Photokinesis In Back to the Moon, she is shown projecting a red light from her gem as the Gems exit the Roaming Eye. She shares this ability with Garnet, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby Eyeball, and the Rutile Twins. Piloting As shown in Back to the Moon, she is an expert pilot who is able to fly the Roaming Eye. She shares these skills with Pearl, Peridot, and Ruby Navy. When fused with multiple Rubies, specifically Eyeball, Army, Navy, and Leggy, they form a bigger Ruby. Appearances Relationships Other Rubies Doc is the leader of the group, commanding them around and initiating their fusion by calling out Rubies assemble She is a strict leader, often reminding the others to focus on the mission at hand. In her strictness, she is a bit rude, as she pushed Leggy out of their spaceship in the beginning of Hit the Diamond when the unsure latter was taking too long to get out. However, she also grabbed Leggys hand at the end of said episode to make her come with them, demonstrating some care to not leave her behind. During their fusion, she stands in the middle, being the connection point to all the other Rubies. Doc, like the rest of the Homeworld Gems, expresses dislike for the Crystal Gems for being their enemies, but also for being tricked and lied to. During the baseball game in Hit the Diamond, she befriended the Crystal Gem Ruby thinking she was a Homeworld Gem, but was later shown to dislike her when she and Sapphire fused and exposed their identities as Gems. In Back to the Moon, Amethyst shape shifts into Jasper to fool the Rubies again. Amethyst is able to impress and amuse the Rubies, making them comfortable in her presence. They sympathize with her story of keeping the Crystal Gems prisoner, crying and clapping because of her apparent devotion. They are seen playing along with her when she pokes fun at Pearl for being talkative, kicks some dirt to demonstrate her animosity towards the Earth, or gives the Crystal Gems the silly nickname Crystal Germs. Doc uses respectful language when talking to her, and offers her the captains seat in the Roaming Eye when they decide to head to the Moon Base. Doc is happily surprised and blushes when Amethyst pulls her to sit on her lap and even offers to do it again when asking Amethyst if she needs a ride back to Earth at the end of Back to the Moon. When Amethyst reveals her true form, Doc becomes angry at having been tricked again, and orders her team to attack the Crystal Gems. She mentions Yellow Diamond frequently, reminding the other Rubies that they cannot mess their mission up, as they had received direct orders from her. Getting Started LAMMPS documentation. This section describes how to build and run LAMMPS, for both new and. Whats in the LAMMPS distribution. When you download a LAMMPS tarball you will need to unzip and untar. This will create a LAMMPS directory containing two files and several. READMEtext file. LICENSEthe GNU General Public License GPLbenchbenchmark problemsdocdocumentationexamplessimple test problemspotentialsembedded atom method EAM potential filessrcsource filestoolspre and post processing tools. Note that the download page also has links to download. Windows installers, as well as pre built packages for. Linux distributions. It also has instructions. LAMMPS for Macs via Homebrew, and to. LAMMPS from SVN and Git repositories, which gives. LAMMPS. core developers. The Windows and Linux packages for serial or parallel include. If you want an executable with. LAMMPS yourself, as discussed in the next section. Skip to the Running LAMMPS sections for info on how to. LAMMPS Windows executable on a Windows box. Making LAMMPSThis section has the following sub sections 2. Read this first. If you want to avoid building LAMMPS yourself, read the preceeding. Details are discussed on the download page. Building LAMMPS can be simple or not so simple. If all you need are. LAMMPS, and MPI is already installed. LAMMPS in serial, then you. Makefile. mpi or Makefile. MAKE by typing one of these lines from the src dir Note that on a facility supercomputer, there are often modules. MPI you. should use. In this case, the mpicxx compilelink command in. Makefile. mpi should simply work by accessing those modules. It may be the case that one of the other Makefile. MAKE sub directories is a better match to your system type make. If any of these builds with an existing Makefile. If you need to install an optional package with a LAMMPS command you. Name is the. lower case name of the package, e. If you want to do one of the following use a LAMMPS command that requires an extra library e. LAMMPS is more complicated. You may need to find where. You may need to build extra libraries that are included in the LAMMPS. LAMMPS itself. You may need to edit a. Makefile. machine file to make it compatible with your system. Please read the following sections carefully. If you are not. comfortable with makefiles, or building codes on a Unix platform, or. MPI job on your machine, please find a local expert to help. Many compilation, linking, and run problems users experience are. LAMMPS issues they are peculiar to the users system. Such questions are better answered by a. If you have a build problem that you are convinced is a LAMMPS issue. LAMMPS source code, then. LAMMPS mail list. If you succeed in building LAMMPS on a new kind of machine, for which. Makefile included in the. MAKEMACHINES directory, then send it to the developers and we can. LAMMPS distribution. Steps to build a LAMMPS executable. Step 0. The src directory contains the C source and header files for LAMMPS. It also contains a top level Makefile and a MAKE sub directory with. Makefile. files for many systems and machines. See the. srcMAKEREADME file for a quick overview of what files are available. The srcMAKE dir has a few files that should work as is on many. The srcMAKEOPTIONS dir has more that invoke additional. MPI, and other setting options commonly used by LAMMPS, to. Free Download 3Ds Max 2009 64Bit Full Version. The srcMAKEMACHINES dir has many more that. These files are. all good starting points if you find you need to change them for your. Put any file you edit into the srcMAKEMINE directory and. LAMMPS updates. From within the src directory, type make or gmake. You should see. a list of available choices from srcMAKE and all of its. If one of those has the options you want or is the. Note that the corresponding Makefile. MAKE or. any of its sub directories. If a file with the same name appears in. MAKEMINE, srcMAKE, srcMAKEOPTIONS, srcMAKEMACHINES. This gives preference to a file you have creatededited and put in. MAKEMINE. Note that on a multi processor or multi core platform you can launch a. LAMMPS more quickly. If you get no errors and an executable like lmpmpi or lmpserial. Note that by default only a few of LAMMPS optional packages are. To build LAMMPS with optional packages, see this section below. Step 1. If Step 0 did not work, you will need to create a low level Makefile. Makefile. foo. You should make a copy of an. Makefile. in srcMAKE or one of its sub directories as a. The only portions of the file you need to edit are. LAMMPS specific settings section. When it works, put the edited. MAKEMINE and it will not be altered by any future LAMMPS. Step 2. Change the first line of Makefile. This is the line you. Step 3. The compilerlinker settings section lists compiler and linker. C compiler, including optimization flags. You can. use g, the open source GNU compiler, which is available on all Unix. You can also use mpicxx which will typically be available if. MPI is installed on your system, though you should check which actual. Vendor compilers often produce faster code. On. boxes with Intel CPUs, we suggest using the Intel icc compiler, which. Intels compiler site. If building a C code on your machine requires additional libraries. LIB variable. You should. The DEPFLAGS setting is what triggers the C compiler to create a. This speeds re compilation when. Some compilers do. D. GNU g and Intel icc works with D. If your compiler cant. Makefile. foo. patterned after Makefile. Note that when you build LAMMPS for the. This is not an error it is the Makefile doing its. Step 4. The system specific settings section has several parts. Note that. if you change any D setting in this section, you should do a full. The LMPINC variable is used to include options that turn on ifdefs. LAMMPS code. The options that are currently recogized are DLAMMPSGZIP DLAMMPSJPEG DLAMMPSPNG DLAMMPSFFMPEG DLAMMPSMEMALIGN DLAMMPSXDR DLAMMPSSMALLBIG DLAMMPSBIGBIG DLAMMPSSMALLSMALL DLAMMPSLONGLONGTOLONG DLAMMPSEXCEPTIONS DPACKARRAY DPACKPOINTER DPACKMEMCPYThe readdata and dump commands will readwrite gzipped files if you. DLAMMPSGZIP. It requires that your machine supports. LAMMPS during a run. Noteon some clusters with high speed networks, using the fork. For selected operations, compressed file. IO is also available using a compression library instead, which are. COMPRESS package. From more details about compiling. LAMMPS with packages, please see below. If you use DLAMMPSJPEG, the dump image command. JPEG image files. For JPEG files, you must. LAMMPS with a JPEG library, as described below. If you use. DLAMMPSPNG, the dump image command will be able to write. PNG image files. For PNG files, you must also link LAMMPS with a. PNG library, as described below. If neither of those two defines are. LAMMPS will only be able to write out uncompressed PPM image. If you use DLAMMPSFFMPEG, the dump movie command. It requires that your. FFmpeg executable can be found by LAMMPS during the run. Note. Similar to the note above, this option can conflict with. Using DLAMMPSMEMALIGNlt bytes enables the use of the. Sp Flash Tool Mt6572 Driver. LAMMPS. This can help to make more efficient use of. CPUS, since dynamically allocated memory. If you use DLAMMPSXDR, the build will include XDR compatibility. XTC format. This is only necessary. XDR files available. See the. Restrictions section of the dump command for details. Use at most one of the DLAMMPSSMALLBIG, DLAMMPSBIGBIG.