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Entry Requirements LASALLEAudition dates 1. Feb 2. 01. 8 and 1. Feb 2. 01. 8Applicants must perform two contrasting speeches from memory and in English. One of the speeches should be from a Shakespearean play and the other from a more contemporary play, in more standard modern English. The combined duration of the speeches should not exceed five minutes. Things to consider. In preparing for the auditions, you are advised to have read the plays from which the speeches are taken beforehand, and to select speeches that are appropriate for your age and experience. Please note that you may be asked to improvise or sight read. What we are looking for. The assessment of your audition will be based on your acting, vocal and movement abilities, as well as your potential to develop as a professional in your chosen discipline. You do not have to appear like a finished, polished performer. We are looking for an honest connection with the words and thoughts of the piece you have chosen, and a capacity for that connection to be expressed through your body and voice. That said, you must know your piece well, and play it with fullness and clarity, in order to be considered for the programme. All applicants for the Programme are required to submit a portfolio and attend an interview. The selection of work should demonstrate the following Observation and drawing skills, ideally through life drawing, still life, and storyboards Sketchbooks quick observational sketches are particularly encouraged A cross section of the applicants work, including a variety of 2. D rendering skills, e. Additional supporting work may include 3. D work Ceramics, Sculptures, etc, or Multimedia work e. Piano 2017 2018 GRADE 8 PREREQUISITE FOR ENTRY ABRSM Grade 5 or above in Music Theory, Practical Musicianship or any solo Jazz subject. For alternatives. Download sheet music from Score Exchange. Find and purchase from composers and arrangers all over the world. We offer thousands of scores for every instrumentation. Clarinet Quartets, Quintets and Larger Ensemble Music Updated 31 October 2017 This page has sheet music scores for clarinet quartets, quintets, and larger. ABRSMs Grade 1 Piano syllabus. Our music exams for Piano consist of three pieces, chosen by the candidate from the appropriate lists in the current syllabus, scales. Abrsm Jazz Piano Pieces Grade 1 Pdf' title='Abrsm Jazz Piano Pieces Grade 1 Pdf' />Evidence of Animation is not required. During the interview, applicants are required to participate in a dialogue regarding the content of their portfolio. Applicants should note that emphasis is placed on the originality of artwork copied and fan artwork is not appropriate. In addition to artist skills, the Programme team is looking for applicants with the potential to conceptualise, develop, and produce animated films to the highest possible standards. During the interview, applicants will be expected to demonstrate a strong motivation and commitment to the Programme and subject area. Please submit a 5. Arts experience can include work done with arts organisations or arts events such as performances, exhibitions, concerts, films or design projects. These can be projects you were involved in or attended as a spectator. In addition to that, tell us something about yourself that is not related to arts, that you are passionate about. You are required to attend an interview and take a written test conducted by the Arts Management Programme lecturers. Written Assignments To be submitted before your auditioninterview. Write about a live dance performance that you have seen recently. Using appropriate descriptions and examples, explain what interested or inspired you Approx 5. Describe your dance training and exposure to date Approx 1. Are Waffles really better than Pancakes Approx 2. Why have you chosen to attend a dance programme at LASALLE and what will you do to prepare yourself for a full time dance programme. Approx 6. 008. 00 wordsDiscuss your strengths and weaknesses in reference to what makes you a good fit for the dance programmes at LASALLE and how your chosen programme will benefit you. Approx 6. 008. 00 wordsAudition Guidelines. Applicants will be required to do a Ballet class and a Contemporary class during the audition. An interview. Applicants who are unable to attend the live auditions should send video links on You. Tube or Vimeo. These videos should clearly show the applicant dancing in at least two of the following genres Ballet, Jazz, contemporary or Urban Dance. These clips should demonstrate the applicants flexibility, strength and control. They should include jumps and turns. The applicant should be the only performer in the video or should be clearly indicated. The video audition should also include a link that demonstrates the applicant performing a combination set by the programme. This combination will be a contemporary combination that will be sent as a video link upon request. Things to Note. In preparing for the audition, it is advisable that you thoroughly warm up and that you wear appropriate dance wear and footwear for the audition. Please take note that you may be asked to improvise in your audition. What are we looking for The assessment of your audition will be based on your ability to pick up and replicate steps, show natural dance ability, a good understanding of the chosen technique, a strong performance quality and a passion for movement. We are looking for people who are disciplined, open to learning and are dedicated to growing in their art. A portfolio containing at least 1. These projects will need to be explained by you during the interview process. Your portfolio should include drawings, sketches, creative idea developments and demonstrate relevant 2. D work e. g. posters, editorial, photography, graphic design artwork, advertising concepts, printmaking, digital imaging, web design, etc and 3. D work e. g. 3. D design, 3. D paper structures, packaging design, etc. Your portfolio should consist of design related works solely created by yourself in order to perform an appropriate assessment of your entry level. Write a story of a trip you have made. It can be real or fictional and will provide the inspiration for the following fashion design sketches. A4 page, 3. 50 wordsIllustrate this story with magazines pictures, original photographs, drawings and keywords. Lay them out in the form of a collage that will provide the visual inspiration for your fashion sketches. A4 pagesBased on the collage, draw 2. Make sure you translate the elements from your collage into the garment designs. A4 pagesSelect two of the best fashion sketches and reproduce them separately in colour with full rendering, using markers, aquarelle or water colour that shows shading, texture, garment details, prints and surface treatment. You can use fabric swatches andor photographs of fabric to show what material you would like to use to make these two designs. Provide a written description of these choices. A4 pagesCompile a flip book of other examples of your art and design work it must contain observational drawings, paintings, life drawings, fashion illustrations, art photography, fashion photography, and examples of sewing. A4 pagesNote for applicants residing outside of Singapore All portfolios must be saved in a PDF format on a DVDCD. Other formats such as videos, Power. Point slides, and Word documents are not acceptable. A portfolio containing at least 1. These projects will need to be explained by you during the interview process. Your portfolio should include drawings, sketches, idea developments and demonstrate relevant 2. D work related to Fashion e. Hotel El Cafetal Buena Vista Santa Cruz Bolivia there. These should support your interest and flair. Your portfolio should consist of visual practice related works solely created by yourself in order to perform an appropriate assessment of your entry level. You are requested to present a story, or a treatment for a story, that you would like to make for the screen. The premise of the story is important. You will be asked to articulate why you think your story will be appealing, and worthy of being produced as a film. Libro Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Un libro del latnliber, libri es una obra impresa, manuscrita o pintada en una serie de hojas de papel, pergamino, vitela u otro material, unidas por un lado es decir, encuadernadas y protegidas con tapas, tambin llamadas cubiertas. Un libro puede tratar sobre cualquier tema. Segn la definicin de la Unesco,1 un libro debe poseer 2. Tambin se llama libro a una obra de gran extensin publicada en varias unidades independientes, llamados tomos o volmenes. Otras veces se llama tambin libro a cada una de las partes de una obra, aunque fsicamente se publiquen todas en un mismo volumen ejemplo Libros de la Biblia. Hoy en da, no obstante, esta definicin no queda circunscrita al mundo impreso o de los soportes fsicos, dada la aparicin y auge de los nuevos formatos documentales y especialmente de la World Wide Web. El libro digital o libro electrnico, conocido como e book, est viendo incrementado su uso en el mundo del libro y en la prctica profesional bibliotecaria y documental. Adems, el libro tambin puede encontrarse en formato audio, en cuyo caso se denomina audiolibro. Desde los orgenes, la humanidad ha tenido que hacer frente a una cuestin fundamental la forma de preservar y transmitir su cultura, es decir, sus creencias y conocimientos, tanto en el espacio como en el tiempo. El planteamiento de esta cuestin supone por un lado, determinar la forma de garantizar la integridad intelectual del contenido de la obra y la conservacin del soporte en el que fue plasmada, y por otro, encontrar el medio por el cual se mantendr inalterada la intencin o finalidad para la cual se concibi. Los orgenes de la historia del libro se remontan a las primeras manifestaciones pictricas de nuestros antepasados, la pintura rupestre del hombre del paleoltico. Con un simbolismo, posiblemente cargado de significados mgicos, estas pinturas muestran animales, caceras y otras escenas cotidianas del entorno natural del hombre antiguo, que trataba de dominar las fuerzas adversas de la naturaleza capturando su esencia mediante su representacin. Son el ms antiguo precedente de los primeros documentos impresos de que se tiene memoria. Comunicacin oral y formas rudimentariaseditarLas seales gestuales fueron la primera forma de expresar y transmitir mensajes. La palabra hablada es la manera ms antigua de contar historias. Mediante frmulas de valor mnemotcnico2 se estructuraban narraciones, que pasaban de generacin en generacin como valiosa herencia cultural de los ms diversos grupos humanos. Dichas reglas mnemotcnicas ayudaban tanto a la memorizacin como a la difusin de los relatos. Es el caso de los poemas homricos, que han merecido valiosos estudios sobre el particular. Posiblemente, gran parte de las tradiciones y leyendas han tenido semejante inicio. Esta transmisin oral tena el inconveniente de los ruidos que deformaban el mensaje. La mayora de las veces era el narrador rapsoda, aeda, juglar quien en funcin de sus intereses la deformaba de una u otra forma. La escrituraeditarCuando los sistemas de escritura fueron inventados en las antiguas civilizaciones, el hombre utiliz diversos soportes de escritura tablillas de arcilla, ostracon, placas de hueso o marfil, tablas de madera, papiros, tablillas enceradas, planchas de plomo, pieles curtidas, etc. La escritura fue el resultado de un proceso lento de evolucin con diversos pasos imgenes que reproducan objetos cotidianos pictografa representacin mediante smbolos ideografa y la reproduccin de slabas y letras. Los ms antiguos vestigios de escritura se encuentran, hacia finales del IV milenio a. C., en el Antiguo Egipto, con jeroglficos, y la antigua Mesopotamia, mediante signos cuneiformes escritura cuneiforme utilizaban una varilla con seccin triangular, que al hendir en placas de arcilla, dejaba una marca en forma de cua. La usaron los sumerios, acadios, asirios, hititas, persas, babilonios etc. La escritura egipcia, que perdur ms de tres milenios, mediante jeroglficos, representaba ideas abstractas, objetos, palabras, slabas, letras y nmeros. Evolucion en las escrituras hiertica y demtica. Otros pueblos, como los hititas y los aztecas tambin tuvieron tipos propios de escritura. La escritura china ms antigua que se conoce son 5. C. en el yacimiento de Xiaotun, en la provincia de Henan. Pero los primeros libros reconocibles de China corresponden al siglo VI a. C., los jiance o jiandu, rollos de finas tiras de bamb o madera grabados con tinta indeleble y atados con cordel. Estos textos servan principalmente a causas institucionales, era la obra de funcionarios civiles o militares. Desde Confucio en adelante 5. C. los libros se convirtieron en importantes instrumentos de aprendizaje, se escribieron tratados de filosofa, medicina, astronoma y cartografa. En el perodo de los reinos combatientes 4. C. La seda se us mucho como soporte para escribir. La tela era ligera, resistente al clima hmedo, absorba bien la tinta y proporcionaba al texto un fondo blanco, sin embargo era mucho ms cara que el bamb, es por esto que en ocasiones se haca una copia en bamb antes de grabarse en seda los textos importantes. La invencin del papel segn la tradicin china, se atribuye a un eunuco de la corte imperial llamado Cai Lin en el 1. C. Usando nuevos ingredientes trapos viejos, camo, corteza de rbol y redes de pescar cre un mtodo de fabricacin de papel muy similar al que se usa hoy en da. Crack No Cd Age Of Empires 3 Cheats. Pero el papel tard cientos de aos en reemplazar al bamb y la seda, fue hasta finales del siglo II d. C. que la corte imperial lo us en cantidades importantes. Esta innovacin no se propag fuera de China hasta el 6. C. aproximadamente, y alcanz Europa a travs de Espaa hasta el siglo XII. A mediados del siglo VIII los chinos inventaron la impresin xilogrfica, o el grabado en madera, y la necesidad de reproducir un gran nmero de textos e imgenes budistas, calendarios, manuales de adivinacin y diccionarios promovi una rpida y temprana propagacin de la xilografa. El primer libro impreso chino que se ha encontrado es el Sutra del diamante del 8. C. Los impresores chinos crearon los tipos mviles hacia el siglo XI, el escritor chino Chen Kua 1. Mengshi Pitan, segn el escritor el herrero Jen. Tsung de la dinasta de los Song del norte entre 1. Tambin se le atribuye la creacin de una mesa giratoria para guardar los caracteres, esta tcnica se llamaba tipografa tablearia. Hacia el 1. 30. 0 Wang Tcheng, un tcnico agrnomo, emplaz la arcilla por madera de azufaifo, que era mucho ms dura. Pero este avance no revolucion la imprenta hasta el punto que lo hizo Gutenberg en Europa 4. A diferencia de las lenguas europeas, el chino escrito requiere miles de caracteres nicos, lo que hace mucho ms eficaz los bloques de madera individuales que los enormes conjuntos de tipos reutilizables. Timer Windows Xp here. En contraste con el declive de las artes de los escribas en occidente en los siglos que siguieron a la creacin de la imprenta de tipos mviles, la caligrafa china conserv su prestigio, era un arte. No obstante, a finales del siglo XV, China haba producido ms libros que el resto del mundo junto.