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Try R is Sponsored By Created By R is a tool for statistics and data modeling. The R programming language is elegant, versatile, and has a highly expressive syntax. GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software. Extensive SOFTWARE QA and TESTING information large FAQ, lists of resources, and listing of 540 web site testingmanagement tools. Software used by local educational agencies in preparing budgets, interim reports, and yearend financial reports to the California Department of Education. Lists of departmentapproved rates for local educational agencies, frequently asked questions FAQs, and letters. This post addresses the valuation of computer software and related data according to International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS with crossreferences to. Open Source Replacements for Popular Financial Software. The open source community offers a wide array of options to assist you, whether youre tracking your personal bank accounts, managing your small business, setting up an online shop or monitoring finances for a large enterprise. Like much of the software industry, financial software is in the midst of great change. While many consumers and companies still use traditional software that they have installed on their PCs andor servers, many are turning to cloud based solutions. In addition, many users are looking for solutions that include mobile capabilities. The same trends hold true within the open source community. Many open source financial applications are also now available for use in the cloud, and a growing number can be accessed from mobile devices. The cloud has been particularly good for open source projects because it gives them a viable way to earn money from their code, and it also appeals to end users who like the low monthly prices and the ability to access their data from any device. This month, weve updated our list of open source software that can replace proprietary financial applications, and not surprisingly the list includes quite a few entries that are available for use in the cloud. As always, if you know of additional projects that you think should be on our list, please make a note in the comments section below. For more, check out our ultimate open source software list. Accounting. 1. Edoceo Imperium. Replaces Quick. Books, Sage 5. Web based Imperium offers customer relationship management CRM, work orders, invoicing and accounting capabilities, and it integrates with Google services, including Calendar and Gmail. Check out the online demo to see it in action. Operating System OS Independent. Front. Accounting. Replaces Quick. Books, Sage 5. Designed for small businesses, this Web based accounting system also includes some ERP functions like item and inventory tracking. Its available on an Saa. S basis, and there is a list of partners on the site who offer related services. Operating System OS Independent. Gnu. Cash. Replaces Quicken Home and Business. This flexible accounting package tracks your small business finances with double entry accounting, and it can also track your personal finances, including your investment accounts. It also now comes with an Android app. Operating System Windows, Linux, OS X, Android. Ledger. SMBReplaces Quick. Books, Sage 5. 0Downloaded more than 5. ERP and CRM functionality. Several third party vendors offer commercial support and consulting. Operating System Windows, Linux, OS X5. Financials. Replaces Quick. Books, Sage 5. 0This accounting solution offers invoices, customizable reports, stock control, point of sale capabilities and much more. Because its developed by a team in the Netherlands, much of the documentation and support is in Dutch, but English is also available. Operating System Windows, Linux. Turbo. CASHReplaces Quick. Upload_PSC/ScreenShots/PIC2015128239297491.jpg' alt='Accounting Software Source Code Control' title='Accounting Software Source Code Control' />Accounting Software Source Code ControlAccounting Software Source Code ControlAccounting Software Source Code ControlAccounting Software Source Code ControlBooks, Sage 5. This accounting software invites comparison to Quick. Books and Sage. Features include multi user support, customizable invoices, point of sale capabilities, multi country and multi company support, XML importexport and more. Operating System Windows. Billing and Invoicing. Argentum. Replaces Fresh. Books, Bill. com. A personal and smallbusiness financialaccounting software, licensed under GNUGPL and available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, and Solaris. Open source financial software for personal financial management, small business accounting, enterprise resource planning and more. Web based Argentum tracks clients and billable hours, as well as generating invoices for you each month. Installation assistance, commercial support and a hosted version are also available. Operating System OS Independent. Billing. Replaces Fresh. Books, Bill. com. Downloaded more than 1. Billing claims to be worlds leading open source enterprise billing solution. Its particularly good for subscription based billing, and notable customers include Deutsche Telecom, Constant Contact and Rackspace. In addition to the free version, paid support and services are available. Operating System OS Independent. Simple Invoices. Replaces Fresh. Books, Bill. com. Popular with small companies and non profits, this browser based invoicing system aims to be easy to use. Host it yourself for free or contact one of the third party hosting providers listed on the site. Operating System OS Independent. Siwapp. Replaces Fresh. Books, Bill. com. This invoicing app tries to be simple, straightforward, comfortable, useful, pretty, flexible, productivity oriented, secure, supported and usable anywhere. Plenty of screenshots and a demo are posted on the site so that you can see how it works before you download it. Operating System OS Independent. E Commerce. 11. Broadleaf Commerce. Replaces Big Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. This Java based e commerce platform boasts a low total cost of ownership, multi channel support and powerful features like content targeting, catalog management and more. Its available with either an open source community license or a commercial license to download the source code, see the developer site. Operating System Windows, Linux, OS X1. Fishop. NETReplaces Big Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. This no frills solution boasts easy installation and customization capabilities. Its available on an Saa. S basis. Operating System Windows. Interchange. Replaces Big. Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. This older e commerce platform has been around since 1. The site features a hall of fame displaying various web stores powered by Interchange, as well as a list of third party partners that will provide commercial support and services. Operating system Linux, OS X1. Magento. Replaces Big. Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. This award winning shopping cart solution aims to be feature rich and user friendly. Noteworthy capabilties include integrated product ratings and reviews, unlimited categories and products, multi language and multi currency support, automatic image resize and more. Commercial support is available from partners in numerous countries. Operating System Windows, Linux, OS X1. Commerce. Replaces Big. Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. Based on Microsoft technologies, this Windows only ecommerce solution includes both front end and back end capabilities. Premium support is available, and the site also lists third party partners who offer hosting services. Operating System Windows. Order Portal. Replaces Big. Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. Part of a complete Web Business Suite, Order Portal is designed to meet the ecommerce needs of manufacturers, value added distributors and rental companies. The full suite adds CRM, data migration and real time reporting capabilities. Operating System Linux. Commerce. Replaces Big. Commerce, Volusion, Yahoo Merchant, Net. Suite Ecommerce. More than 2. Support is available through third party partners. Operating System Windows, Linux, OS X. HPE allowed Russia to review Arc. Sight source code Security Software. Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE allowed a Russian defence agency to review the inner workings of cyber defence software used by the Pentagon to guard its computer networks, according to Russian regulatory records and interviews with people with direct knowledge of the issue. The HPE system, called Arc. Sight, serves as a cybersecurity nerve centre for much of the US military, alerting analysts when it detects that computer systems may have come under attack. Arc. Sight is also widely used in the private sector. The Russian review of Arc. Sights source code was part of HPEs effort to win the certification required to sell the product to Russias public sector, according to the regulatory records seen by Reuters and confirmed by a company spokeswoman. Six former US intelligence officials, as well as former Arc. Sight employees and independent security experts, said the source code review could help Moscow discover weaknesses in the software, potentially helping attackers to blind the US military to a cyber attack. Its a huge security vulnerability, said Greg Martin, a former security architect for Arc. Sight. You are definitely giving inner access and potential exploits to an adversary. Despite the potential risks to the Pentagon, no one Reuters spoke with was aware of any hacks or cyber espionage that were made possible by the review process. The Arc. Sight review took place last year, at a time when Washington was accusing Moscow of an increasing number of cyber attacks against American companies, US politicians and government agencies, including the Pentagon. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations. The case highlights a growing tension for US technology companies that must weigh their role as protectors of US cybersecurity while continuing to pursue business with Washingtons adversaries such as Russia and China, say security experts. Inside the review. The review was conducted by Echelon, a company with close ties to the Russian military, on behalf of Russias Federal Service for Technical and Export Control FSTEC, a defence agency tasked with countering cyber espionage. Echelon president and majority owner Alexey Markov said in an email to Reuters that he is required to report any vulnerabilities his team discovers to the Russian government. But he said he does so only after alerting the software developer of the problem and getting its permission to disclose the vulnerability. Echelon did not provide details about HPEs source code review, citing a non disclosure agreement with the company. FSTEC confirmed Markovs account, saying in a statement that Russian testing laboratories immediately inform foreign developers if they discover vulnerabilities, before submitting a report to a government database of information security threats. Adobe Freehand Mx 11 Full Indir. One reason Russia requests the reviews before allowing sales to government agencies and state run companies is to ensure that US intelligence services have not placed spy tools in the software. HPE said no backdoor vulnerabilities were discovered in the Russian review. It declined to provide further details. HPE said it allows Russian government accredited testing companies to review source code in order to win the Russian defence certifications it needs to sell products to Russias public sector. An HPE spokeswoman said source code reviews are conducted by the Russian testing company at an HPE research and development centre outside of Russia, where the software maker closely supervises the process. No code is allowed to leave the premises, and HPE has allowed such reviews in Russia for years, she said. Those measures ensure our source code and products are in no way compromised, she said. Some security experts say that studying the source code of a product would make it far easier for a reviewer to spot vulnerabilities in the code, even if they did not leave the site with a copy of the code. In a 2. 01. 4 research paper, Echelon directors said the company discovered vulnerabilities in 5. Russian software it reviewed. Still, security analysts said the source code review alone, even if it yielded information about vulnerabilities, would not give hackers easy entry into the military systems. To infiltrate military networks, hackers would need to first overcome a number of other security measures, such as firewalls, said Alan Paller, founder of the SANS Institute, which trains cybersecurity analysts. Paller also said HPEs decision to allow the review was not surprising. If tech companies like HPE want to do business in Russia, they dont really have any choice, he said. HPE declined to disclose the size of its business in Russia, but Russian government tender records show Arc. Sight is now used by a number of state firms and companies close to the Kremlin, including VTB Bank and the Rossiya Segodnya media group. Whether the customer is Russia or the United States, overlooked errors in software code can allow foreign governments and hackers to penetrate a users computer. Exploiting vulnerabilities found in Arc. Sights source code could render it incapable of detecting that the militarys network was under attack, said Allen Pomeroy, a former Arc. Sight employee who helped customers build their cyber defence systems. A response to the attack would then be frankly impossible, Pomeroy said. The HPE spokeswoman said Reuters questions about the potential vulnerabilities were hypothetical and speculative in nature. HPE declined to say whether it told the Pentagon of the Russian review, but said the company always ensures our clients are kept informed of any developments that may affect them. A spokeswoman for the Pentagons Defense Information Systems Agency, which maintains the militarys networks, said HPE did not disclose the review to the US agency. Military contracts do not specifically require vendors to divulge whether foreign nations have reviewed source code, the spokeswoman said. The US military agency itself did not require a source code review before purchasing Arc. Sight and generally does not place such requirements on tech companies for off the shelf software like Arc. Sight, the Pentagon spokeswoman said. Instead, DISA evaluates the security standards used by the vendors, she said. Everyone is happyEchelon operates as an official laboratory and software tester of FSTEC and Russias FSB spy agency, according to Russian government registries of testing laboratories and software certifications reviewed by Reuters. US intelligence has accused the FSB of helping mount cyber attacks against the United States and interfering in the 2. Markov, Echelons president, defended the reviews, saying that if a vulnerability is found, everyone is happy because the detected flaw means laboratory experts are able to demonstrate their qualifications and the developer is happy that a mistake was detected, since by fixing it the product will become better. Russia in recent years has stepped up demands for source code reviews as a requirement for doing business in the country, Reuters reported in June. A number of international companies, including Cisco Systems, the worlds largest networking gear maker, and German software giant SAP, have agreed to the reviews, though others, including cybersecurity firm Symantec, have refused because of security concerns. Cyberdefence bulwark. US government procurement records show Arc.