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Mini Cooper S R5. I had been thinking about the 0. Mini Coopers. aka best years of the R5. The R5. 3 designated Mini Cooper S comes with a 1. Roots type Eaton M4. Blow Mini Mod 2003 Manual' title='Blow Mini Mod 2003 Manual' />Tritec motor W1. BMW and Chrysler and manufactured in Brazil the car otherwise manufactured and assembled entirely in the UK. Travel within my 6 hour driving distance circle for business became more prevalent and justified the purchase of this. Mini Cooper S. The interior usually tells the story and this one was like new after 1. After a quick test drive and. I closed the deal, picked it up and drove it out of. A supplier of spare and production parts for commercial and military aviation. Subscribe and SAVE, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription by clicking the links below each cover image. Monday of the following week. I started immediately. More information on the Mini Cooper can be found at the Mini Wikipedia. This Mini came with the Harmon Kardon stereo system which sounds surprisingly good for an OE system reviewed. HERE, adding amplifiers to HK system. HERE, and door fixes to make it sound better. HERE. Here are some pics I took the first few weeks I had it, some on HWY 2. Hellbender on the way to and from the. Minis on the Dragon GTG Since the prior and only other owner had replaced the run flat tires. I opted to create my own mobility kit consisting of an old air pump and a tire plug kit stored in the driver side rear hatch. In the other compartment, but not pictured, is a roll of duct tape and some screwdriverswrenches covers fit back on both compartments fine and no. Jumper cables stored in a bag under the driver seat I typically use Rain X and ONLY use the wipers when it is not raining. Rain X to be effective. The wipers on the Mini are kind of hideous, so that and the fact that the wipers did not work great was an excuse. Bosch Evolution wiper assemblies 4. CG Lock installed, they have been redesigned from the originals I have installed in the BMWs. Provides stability so there is less sliding and repositioning in seat, as seen in. HERE. Install instructions HERE, install video HERE. I had some issues with the first revised CG lock I installed, it felt to me like the knurls on the locking rod were not machined as deep as the first generation ones I had in the BMWs. I sent CG Lock an email and they promptly replied with a response and sent me another CG Lock with a return envelope for the defective one Great customer. THANKS BRUCE The replacement CG lock works as well as I have come to expect from the use of the first generation models. I needed a new upper motor mount to replace the failedleaking OE oil filled mount, I knew this when I bought and made the deal on the car. In the search for a new mount, I. TSW Upper Motor Mount made of Street durometer poly and no oil to leak out. These are the kind of parts I like to upgrade to when replacing OE, parts that. I found Ways business online when trying to locate a local Mini business that stocked these, I stopped. Way is a great guy to talk to and knowledgeable when it comes to Minis he races them so he knows a thing or two. I also bought his WMW Pulley Package. WMW 1. 5 Pulley, NAPA Belt PN 0. Colder Heat Range Plugs NGK PN BKR7. EQUP replacing stock NGK BKR6. EQUP, same as JCW, and a Detroit Tuned Tensioner Stop. I picked up a belt. Powerflex poly bushings PN 1. I figured since I had to. I should go ahead and do the pulley and associated parts installation at the same time Way. Craven. Speed one that does not require removing the tensioner assembly The pulley makes a noticeable difference in the low end and I now have peace of mind knowing the new belt and tensioner damper bushingsstop are installed. Gender School Year Language Indigenous School Setting Location Text Type any any any any any any any. The TSW mount feels a lot more solid than the OE upper mount, some minor NVH but nothing I would complain about. My DIY guide for all of this can be found HERE, the TSW upper motor mount. HERE, and the various pulley DIY guides are listed. DIY Guides I used a little from all of these for my installation. Radioactive Man Radioactive Man Rar'>Radioactive Man Radioactive Man Rar. UPDATEI discovered that with 3. Power. Flex tensioner damper bushings were shot. I found on the NAM forums. HERE and HERE that there was a manufacturing issuedefect for some of these and it was highly likely that I had gotten some of the bad batch. In my correspondence with Power. YoRA/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Blow Mini Mod 2003 Manual' title='Blow Mini Mod 2003 Manual' />Blow Mini Mod 2003 ManualFlex USA I found that all of their bushings have a LIFETIME WARRANTY and that I should return these to Way to get a new set which Way was quick to do, I picked them up the next day THANKS WAY. The material of the new bushings feels a good bit stiffer than the failed ones so hopefully these correct batch bushings will last. Before finding out the bushing replacement would be a quick turnaround, I looked into ordering a new tensioner assembly since the damper is not available separately. The best price I found was a Gates labeled tensioner assembly PN 3. Rock Auto for 1. This was about 2. I found. After it was delivered I opened the box to find the same OEM Litens tensioner that is on the car now, what a deal. UYi5HGPgvkU/0.jpg' alt='Blow Mini Mod 2003 Manual' title='Blow Mini Mod 2003 Manual' />Ill store it as a backup until I need it. With the upper mount having been bad for an undetermined amount of time, I figured the lower mount had been taking the brunt of the motor movement and was likely. In anticipation of this, I went ahead and picked up the street version durometer of 7. A vs 8. 8A for Race of the. BSH lower mount PN 1. Helix at MOTD. This mount eliminates bushing material at the trans mount. Delrin bushing at the firewall mount end. A little more NVH but nothing I would complain about but several on NAM have and a LOT more. SOLID now with not a lot of motor movement. If it is like other VF poly mounts I have used on other cars it should bed in after 1k. NVH will decrease, I will update this review then. The lower mount is removed using a 1. I drove the car up on Rhino ramps before the R R. The mount can be removed. BSH mount go ahead and make it easy, remove the four trans bracket bolts. Installation starts by loosely starting the mountfirewall bracket bolt, then the mounttrans bracket bolt, and then the. Starting the bolts may require moving the motor with one hand while starting with the other. Once all are started they can be torqued to spec, starting with the 4 trans bracket bolts. As speculated, the lower mount had started to tear in addition to being soft so it was due for replacement. The Mini badge on the rear of the car PN 5. I replaced it with a new one from. Classic Mini. Jayson is the NAM contact at Classic for discounted parts. North. American Motoring forum discount 2. The old one was definitely stuck on good, in addition to the heat gun and blow dryer you may want to use some REAL dental floss to saw away at the tape. I used some brake cleaner to make sure all waxgreaseetc was removed so the new emblem would adhere well. Software Sms Gateway Full Crack on this page. Aspx File Reader Software more. The new emblem comes with double sided tape, just align the pegs on the back with the holes in the hatch and apply light. When I start thinking about buying a car, the first place I go is to the web forums to see what common issues are. One issue I found was with ignition coil corrosion. Typically this occurs on the 3 terminal, for me it was the 4. I used a Dremel to try and remove most of the corrosion and even had to use a small cutting disc to. I figured this would work short term and actually used with no issues for a week or two. The wires were original and showed signs of boot deterioration so I ordered a new. MSD coil PN 8. 23. Amazon. com cheapest shipped price of 6. Mini. but it is the same coil you will buy for more money from a Mini vendor and picked up some new. Magnecor 8. 5mm wires from Helix at MOTD.