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Database of over 45K programs that can run on a Windows 1087VistaXP system at startup, including those created by viruses, worms, spyware, and trojans. Here I fixed Bluestack installation failed MSI log file error. Its say Hmm. it seems Bluestack App Player couldnt be install on this computer. Loading, Installation, Connections Problems App. Nina. Blue. Stacks is one of the very popular android emulators for computer, which allows you to download and install android applications on your PC both windows and mac OS. You may want to check a list of available Android Emulators. The thing which distinguishes Blue. Stacks App Player from other emulator like You. Waveand Android SDK is that it is firstly free and very simple to use. The number of android games applications which can be installed on Blue. Stacks is pretty high comparing this to other emulators and probably it is the reason this application is so popular among people. In a very short span of time millions of people have started using Blue. Stacks and trust me that number is growing every day. That being said many people have complained about Blue. Stacks as they faced issues using this app. Some people have complained about installation problem, some people are not able to load the appand some have faced issues like connectivity while playing games on it. As the set of problems is common among people, so I thought to compile a list of problems and provide solution to them. The problems also vary according to the device Windows Version you are using, so I have tried to capture the keywords in the questions. The list of these issues is already very long and we plan to update this list time and again, so please make use of search feature to find solution of your problem use CtrlF. Common Solution Check. List. Blue. Stacks is a software and any software has bugs and issues, it doesnt mean we stop using them. Some of the problems are very basic and solution to all of such issues is pretty common. So if you are facing ANY issue with Blue. Stacks, just make sure of following this can get Bluestacks working on your computer. You need to download the latest. Microsoft. Get this hereRun a malwarebytes scan, trying the Eusing reg cleaner too. Consider rebooting your PC and trying the installation again. Uninstall your current player and install the latest version of software. Bluestacks Msi Program Setup File' title='Bluestacks Msi Program Setup File' />Many of the common issues have already been fixed in the latest version of the software. Even if your last version worked, you should consider upgrading to the latest piece of code. Visit this page to get latest softwareWhen reporting any issue with software, make sure you let us or support know the version of software you are using. Also Blue. Stacks beta 1 which is latest comes with different numbers. So check the exact version number like version is 0. Also please mention the machine you are using like Intel Chipset, Dell Computer model number and OS version Windows 8. Loading Issues. Most common issue with Blue. Stacks is the loading problem which many people have complained about. Common loading problem is Stuck while loading, all it says is loading. I did some research on this and compiled a very simple solution which will help you get past this loading problem. First you would need to reinstall the application follow above steps. Again before you go ahead and reinstall this app, make sure of following Give your user account full control of Program. DataBlue. Stacks directory. That is, run it as administrator. In windows explorer Navigate to C Program. Data if C is your Windows drive Note this not Program Files it is Program. Data. Locate right click the Blue. Stacks folder within C Program. Data. Select Properties. Select Security Tab. Find Your Widows User within the Group and User Names Window. Select Edit. You will need to select your Windows User within the Group and Users Name Window. Copernic Desktop Search'>Copernic Desktop Search. Assign Full Control and select OKSelect OK again. Reboot. Now remove old Blue. Stacks and update to latest version of software. Viber Activation Issue. Rundll32.Exe Windows 8.1. One of the first app which everyone is trying on Blue. Stacks is Viber. And on the first installation itself it starts giving issues. The common issue with Viber installation is its activation. Viber activation code is not responding after several attempts. It gives the following message an error has occured during the viber activation process. Solution as provided by Viber TeamPlease try removing Viber, wait 2. SMS and the automated call options. In addition, you may try to register to Viber with a different number for example your home landline number, a friends number, etc., in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one. Removing Applications from Blue. Stacks App Player. Once you have installed the Blue. Stacks, what you end up is installing too many applications on this software. What it does it makes the software too slow and sometime it starts giving issue. You should consider removing the unused apps from your app player. Just follow the simple steps as described in the video below to know how you can remove applications from bluestacks. Graphic Card IssueBluestacks cannot be installed on this PC because the Graphics card is not compatible with Bluestacks. Graphic card error are one of the very common issue with Blue. Stacks. Depending on the type of your problem, follow the below steps. Driver Issue Open the device manager Right click on My Computer and select properties. Then click on Device manager and see if you see any yellow symbol or red symbol. If that symbol appears in front of your graphics card, your drivers are missing. You need to install the latest drivers of your graphic card. For that check the make of your graphic card. For Intel download from this page USA site, for AMD visit this and for NVidia drivers you visit this page. Last thing to try Connect your laptop or netbook to its charger and then try to install Bluestacks. This is because when on Battery mode, some laptop settings change graphics to low. This may cause issue with Blue. Stacks. Blue. Stacks Error 2. If you installed Rocket. Dock, you will not be able to install Bluestacks. If you want to install Bluestacks you will need to uninstall the other program that used a dock. Suggested Reading Article on All Blue. Stacks Graphics Issue Fixed. Google Play service installation error. Incompatible with other applications with the same shared user ID. Because of this error, people are not able to install applications. Well it turns out that you can download the apk directly to your PC and use this apk on Bluestacks. One of the most asked apk file. Foursquare Apk Download LinkUninstall Bluestacks. We have been asking people to install the latest app or uninstall old app and install the latest one. However some people have faced issue a later version of bluestacks is already installed. I also faced this problem when uninstalling notification center. Check how to uninstall Bluestacks notification center and in general Bluestacks. Remove following in control panel Bluestacks app player entry in Control panel, Notification center in Control panelcheck if following have been removed. C Program Files x. Blue. Stacks or C Program FilesBlue. Stacks. C Program. DataBlue. Stacks. C Program. DataBlue. Stacks. Setup. Run the following right click save link as then double click the file http cdn. I was still not able to completely remove the Blue. Stacks player and notification center from my PC. I then ran a software called ccleaner and removed the Blue. Stacks and its related files from that software. It worked like charm This list may not be complete but addresses some of the common problems.