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Glossary of cricket terms sayings. While we deem it inappropriate for a family web site like ours to present a photographic rendering of a box as it would appear in actual use, we thought that perhaps the photograph to the above right of West Indies captain Brian Lara taken only seconds after being struck in the box by a hard delivery from Andrew Caddick during the 1. West Indies Tour would suffice to convey the absolute importance of this vital piece of cricketing protective equipment. The photograph to the left, taken only seconds later although I suppose it seemed more like a lifetime to Mr. Lara would serve to drive home the idea to an even greater degree. Bradman, D. G. Sir Donald Bradman 1. Clearly the best batsman to have played the modern game he was a relentless accumulator of runs, often at a rapid rate. He holds or held almost too many records to tabulate. His Test record was such that he was only four runs short of averaging 1. Purple/v4/31/07/d8/3107d82f-73eb-9428-ce68-8d93167ab2eb/source/480x360bb.jpg' alt='Cricket Score Sheet Format' title='Cricket Score Sheet Format' />No other player in the history of the game has averaged over 6. He took few risks, but was proficient with all strokes. His best scoring stroke was probably the pull, played all along the ground in the arc from mid on to backward square leg. He was an excellent fielder, particularly in the covers, and a capable leg spin bowler. Thats all we have for tonight. High time Australia regard T20Is a format thats fastevolving into a money minting machine. As if it hadnt alreadyHe made 1. England between 1. And of course, he set the worlds record score of 4. Queensland in 1. 93. He was Australias captain between 1. Englands 3. He kept the Ashes through 4 series. Cricket Score Sheet Format' title='Cricket Score Sheet Format' />Cricket Score Sheet FormatGet details on CUCET 2018, 2017 like its Exam Date, Syllabus, Application Form, Notification, Admit card and Preparation. Handy Cap Driver Windows 7 on this page. CBSE Class 10th results 2017 out, Check score cbseresults. Bing. com CBSE Class 10th results 2017 for Allahabad, Chennai, Delhi, Dehradun and. Church Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club is a team in the Lancashire Cricket League, located between Accrington and Blackburn. Surrey County Cricket Club is one of eighteen firstclass county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales. It represents the historic county. Highlights, India vs Australia, cricket result, 1st T20I at Ranchi Hosts win by nine wickets. Last night, I spent the day by playing bowling. I scored 170, and that is the best score I have ever had till now. I played bowling just after I finished my bowling. The score is the total number of points received by each team or player, the total amount of points you receive for something or the current or present status of a. DDaisy cutter See Shooter. Dead ball When the ball is not in play, it is said to be dead. The ball comes into play when the bowler starts his run up, and becomes automatically dead when the umpire considers it to have finally settled in the hands of the wicket keeper or bowler, when a wicket falls, or when the ball reaches the boundary or when the umpire calls over or time. The umpire may call the ball dead at other times for example, when the ball lodges in the batsmans clothing, or when a serious injury occurs to a player. Declaration The decision of the batting captain to close his innings. Team_Statistics_Sheet.jpg' alt='Cricket Score Sheet Format' title='Cricket Score Sheet Format' />Usually made in order to give his bowlers time to bowl the other side out to win the match, or delayed by twenty crucial minutes while the sides senior player struggles from 9. Declaration bowler Inept bowler employed to allow the batting side to score quickly, usually in the hope of contriving a result in a rain affected match. Deep Fielding position prefix also indicating on the boundary See Long, but used in conjunction with the name of an infield position e. Devils number An Australian superstition concerning the number 8. Something to do with things being upside down in Australia, perhaps, but the theory is that being 1. It is, of course, purely coincidental that 1. Australia last lost a Test series to England. See also The new voodoo number Dibbly dobbly Derogatory term applied to slow medium paced bowling even less threatening than that of a trundler. Did not bat Entry in the scorebook against a batsman who, erm, did not bat. Number System Conversion Program In C. Dismiss To get a batsman out. DNB See, erm, Did not bat. Dolly catch A gentle, easy catch. Don, the See Bradman, D. G. Dot ball A ball from which no run is scored and no wicket falls. So called because of the scorebook notation for such a ball. Donkey drop Style of slow bowling less threatening still than dibbly dobbly. Down wicket See Broken wicket. Draw A match that is not played under limited overs rules, ends in a draw if both sides have not completed the agreed number of innings when the allotted time expires. Strange as it may seem, this can and does happen even after five rainless days of a Test match. A drawn match is not necessarily a boring one, as many who should know better believe. A batting side stubbornly holding on to avoid defeat can be one of the most exciting spectacles in the game. Drive A straight batted, front foot batting shot, in front of the wicket. Duck When a batsman is out without scoring any runs. See also Golden Duck. EEconomy A bowlers ability to prevent the batsmen from scoring. Of course, the best way to do this is to put them back in the hutch, but economy is usually measured in runs per over. In most forms of cricket, a bowler is happy with a rate of less than three runs an over. Edge Batting shot, usually unintentional contact between ball and edge of the bat. May result in a catch to wicket keeper or slips. Eleven See XI. Also, the most random number in the universe. Ask people for a random number and 1. Extra Colloquial term for extra cover. Extras Runs not scored off the bat no balls, wides, byes and leg byes. Extras count to the teams total, but not to the batsman. FFarm the strike Where a good batsman is batting with a tail ender, he will often want to face as much of the bowling as possible, since he ought to be at less risk than his less proficient partner. Rpg Sound Mixer Cracked Microsoft more. To this end, he will aim to take a single from the fifth or sixth ball of an over, in order to put himself at the receiving end for the next. An astute captain will be aware of this tactic and may set his field to frustrate it, or to encourage the good batsman to take a single. Sometimes, however, a captain becomes so focused on getting at the tail ender that he appears to forget about getting the batsman out. A valuable late order partnership can develop this way, when a more aggressive approach from the fielding side might have stopped it before it began. Featherbed A pitch of gentle pace and predictable bounce on which batting is easy. Fence Means by which the boundary is marked on some grounds. Curiously, a fielder may touch a boundary fence when stopping or catching a ball, but if he touches a boundary line or rope, the ball is deemed to have crossed the boundary. Quite how thick a rope can be before it becomes a fence is one to ponder in the bar while the rain pours down outside. Ferret Not very competent at all batsman, so called because he goes in after the rabbits. Fielding positions Please see this diagram for a graphical representation of the Cricket field and various fielding positions. See Backward, Bat pad, Cover, Deep, Extra, Fine, Gully, Long, Mid, Point, Short, Silly, Slip, Square, Third man. Fifty Fifty runs scored by a single batsman in a single innings. See also Century, Hundred. Fine Fielding position behind the wicket and close to the longitudinal axis of the pitch. Finger The umpires index finger, raised in response to an appeal to indicate that the batsman is out. This is necessary only in cases of doubt where the batsman has lobbed a gentle catch or the wicketkeeper is trotting towards the boundary to retrieve the middle stump, there is no need for the umpire to give him out. Finger spinner Bowler who uses his fingers to spin the ball. For a right arm bowler, this term is synonymous with off spinner. First baller More usual term for Golden Duck which is rather schoolboyish. Incidentally, there is not, but ought to be, the Platinum Duck, which is the special feat of being out, usually run out, without facing a ball. First class Cricket played between recognised first class teams over three, four or five days, with two innings per team. What makes a first class team is not always clear the games governing bodies occasionally have to rule on whether a particular match should count as first class.