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Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' title='Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' />Xhefris Guitars Fender Stratocaster Ultra. Fender Stratocaster Ultra was the crowning act of the Strat Plus series and was their highest end production model, just under the Custom Shop guitars. They were introduced in 1. Fender ended production in 1. All Ultras will say Ultra on the neck plate except for some of the very first produced in 1. I am thinking that they must have had the plates in making or it was a cool afterthought. And while this model was introduced in 1. E9 serial number. Since this was part of the Strat Plus lineup, they had most of the features of the Strat Plus, such a roller nut, Lace Sensor pickups, locking tuners, Schaller strap locks, and a 2 point american bridge. But there was some significant difference from the standard Plus line, such as all Chrome parts, such as the Wilkinson Nut and the Schaller tuners and Bridge saddles. The neck is much like that on the Plus and the Plus DX models, with 2. Shop from the worlds largest selection and best deals for Electric Guitars. Shop with confidence on eBay The Guitar Attic. Fender Serial Numbers and info. DATING YOUR U. S. MADE FENDER STRINGED INSTRUMENT. For the majority of Fenders U. S. instrument production history. Where do I find my Fender Serial Number This article is intended to help you date your Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Precision Bass guitars all the way back. Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' title='Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' />The Fender Stratocaster has been an extremely succesful design, perhaps second only to the Fender Telecaster. This very nice example was built in 1974. The Fender American Series Stratocaster was built from 2000 to 2008 its name replaced and was in turn replaced by the American Standard series. Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' title='Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' />Maple neck with a nice C style radius and a bi flex truss rod, but used an Ebony fretboard with medium jumbo frets. The ebony was usually rather dark which showed off the real abalone dot inlays. The Ultra was the only production Stratocasters, that I know of, with Ebony on the fretboard instead of Rosewood or Maple. In the middle of 1. Fender changed the Wilkinson nut to the improved LSR Roller Nut. These reduce the friction when using the tremolo and tuning. On the LSR each string rides on a set of roller bearings. On the Wilkinson nut the strings ride on a roller pin. Great for staying in tune when diving with the Tremolo The Ultra shown above was one of the first to come out in 1. Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' title='Fender Stratocaster Model From Serial Number' />Many of the first issues came with an E9xxxx serial number indicating they were a 1. This one is a kind of one off as it has the most interesting grain I have ever seen on an Ultraand I have seen a lot of them. This color is Antique Burst. The flamed Maple top is one piece as are many of the very first Ultras to be sold. The grain on this one has, what looks like, a worming pattern. Very cool. The early Ultra have become more collectable, and the later ones 1. Another feature on some Ultras was the Floyd Rose Type II tremolo system, which was introduces around 1. But following suit to Fenders variables, it used on some but not all the Ultras just as it was used on some, but not all Deluxe Plus. String changes are rather simple as you do not have to feed the strings through the tremolo on the back of the guitar, thus no holes on the back plate. You just cut off the end of the string and feed it into the string ferrules. It also reduced the chanced of scratching the body with the strings. What you do have to be careful about is not scratching the body with an Allen Wrench when tightening down the Allen screw on the string ferrules. There were many types of finishes on the Ultras. You can see a few nice samples above. Some had highly flamed matchbook Maple caps front and back, laminated on an Alder body. Some of the first produced only had a simple one piece Maple cap that was not so highly flamed, and then there were a few of match booked curly Maple tops, which were pretty rare and only made around 1. All the bodies with finished in a transparent burst to show off the Maple caps, with the exception of a few Mystic Black Ultras. The first one above is a solid top Maple cap with some nice burl too it. Several of these are from a friends collection and are ealy 1. Ultras. There was a host of colors which at this time I have not tracked down, but I know they follow the same transparent colors used on the Plus color line up. I have customized many Strat Plus like Ultras. Check out my link to the Customized Stratocaster Plus. There was also the unique Firestorm finish which I talk about in length here Firestorm Stratocaster Plus finishes. The Firestorm Ultras are very rare as Fender made more of them in the Standard and Deluxe Plus line way more than the Ultras. There was a number of the Telecaster Plus Version I that came in this finish as well. It had a short life between late 1. Below you will see and advertisment for the newly released Ultra guitar found in a 1. They called it the ULTIMATE STRATOCASTERThe Ultra features a special wiring system using 4 Lace Sensor pickups. The pickguard comes shielded from the factory. One thingĀ  all Ultras did have, and that was the 4 Lace Sensor and the 3 way mini switch used for the two red Lace pickup referred to as a Dually in the bridge position. Most came with a BlueSilverRed Dually Lace Pickup configuration, but there were a few early models that had a Gold Lace in the middle position. Fa Premier League Manager 2002 Torrent Movies. When you pop the hood on some of the Ultras you often find things like Fenders Custom Shop logo on the inside of the pickguard, as some of these were used on the CS Neck set Strats which often used Lace Sensors. There will sometimes find the word Ultra stamped inside the neck socket. NECK pickup is a Blue Lace Sensor which has an increased output with the warmer 5. It delivers a Gibson P 9. MIDDLE pickup is a Silver Lace Sensor which delivers a fat 7. Great for those out of phase sound when combined with the neck or bridge pickups. Some ealry Ultras came with a Gold Lace in the middle position. BRIDGE pickup is a Dually Red Lace Sensor which is two Red Lace Sensors placed side by side. The Red Lace are the hottest output of the Sensor Series, and gives a fat, punchy humbucking output. Sometime you pop open these and find interesting things inside like finding out the pickguard came from Fenders Custom Shop. Some have Ultra stamped in the neck socket Very few people know the secret to the Ultra wiring schematics, which produces a unique variation in sound. Here is how the switch works Position 1 The bridge pickup using a 3 way mini switch. This alone gives several variations, which are really cool. Here is what the mini switch does to the Dually bridge pickup and remember too, that these settings can be mixed with the other pickups. Up activates the front bridge pickup which creates a out of phase hollow sound, which then can be mixed with the middle pickups with the 5 way Super Switch. Middle has the bridge pickups in series creating a hot humbucker sound. Down activates the back pickup on the bridge to give a single coil sound which mimics the tone of a Telecaster bridge pickup. The distance of the pickups from the bridge creates different tones. Position 2 The bridge and the middle pickups mixed together, which can get a multitude of Strat out of phase tones because of the mini switch and the TBX tone control. Position 3 Here is where we part from standard Strat wiring. Instead of just running the middle pickup, this position mixes the neck pickup with the bridge pickup like on any 2 pickup guitars, such as a Telecaster. Again, with the mini switch you can shape the color of the sound. Full, rich rhythm sounds. And both tone controls are also combined in this position too. Wista Field Camera Manual there. Position 4 Is the neck and the middle combined in an out of phase vintage Strat tone. Position 5 Is totally vintage Strat with just the neck pickup and the middle tone control. As on all the Plus Series, the Ultra comes with Fenders TBX tone system. I explain the the TBX tone control here in great detail When you click on that link, just scroll down The bottom tone control is a stacked set of potentiometers that cuts either treble or bass instead of the standard style of tone that cuts treble only. T treble B bass X Cut thus TBX.