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Whether youre excited to hit the ice or the hardwood, EA Sports has you covered with NHL 18 and NBA Live 18. And with EA Access, you can get your game on this week. Hey all, so we have opened up officially to get you free Xbox live codes. Unlike many others on the internet we deliver genuine free xbox live gold codes. Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft. Dona Flor E Seus Dois Maridos Filme. It was first made available to the Xbox system in. Are you in need of free Xbox Live Gold codes If you answered yes, have we got the online tool for you Try our online tool and get your free Xbox Live Gold codes todayFree XBOX Live Code Generator. Nowadays there are hundreds of websites claiming to give you all kinds of free codes and points. However, most of these pages are fake and end up wasting hours upon hours of your time. Ive been there and can assure you that theres no worse feeling than getting your hopes up for a free code, just to be let down. You are fortunate to have stumbled upon this page where your gaming experience is certain to be improved. Let me explain why my Xbox Live code generator is completely free. Spreading Value. As an experienced computer programmer, I frequently conduct structural integrity tests on large tech companies. I recently stumbled upon a method that allows me to breach the databases of massive gaming companies and access thousands of Microsoft Codes. Feel free to check out my about page to learn more about how I found this method and why it works. As a result, I am happy to be able to compile all these codes and share them with you. Why are you sharing them for freeDo you need free xbox live gold codes We have free Xbox Live Gold codes for everyone Visit our website and learn how to get free Xbox Live Gold today Xbox Live is where your gaming life comes together with the games you love, the friends you play with, and the community that defines you. If you want to learn more about the free Xbox Live code generator then continue reading What is a Xbox Live code generator To output free Xbox Live codes, the. WIN_20160108_03_40_33_Pro.jpg.ff68156383b6a7708e35f5c36f5c2233.jpg' alt='Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Membership' title='Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Membership' />When I was younger I remember the struggle of never being able to buy online membership, new map packs, and add ons because I couldnt afford them. My parents didnt understand how much I loved to play video games and wouldnt help me out either. For this reason, I would search the internet for hours looking for free Xbox Live Gold codes. After weeks upon weeks of searching, I always came up empty handed which left a very sour taste in my mouth to this day. Now that Im in a position where I can acquire large amounts of free Xbox Codes, I knew it was time to give back to individuals that are suffering like I did. I understand the reason youre here is because you either cant afford or dont want to pay for codes, which is exactly what I went through. Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Membership' title='Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Membership' />Free Xbox Live Gold Trial MembershipAs a result, my Xbox Live generator is absolutely free of charge. I am able to live comfortably on my current salary and see no reason to charge others for these codes. I realize how passionate people are about gaming and how tight knit the gaming community is. My dream is for all of you to receive a full gaming experience with all your friends. Massive gaming companies make millions of dollars per year by charging you for nearly everything thats extra. Whether its online memberships, game expansions, or card packs, it all costs real money. A couple of free codes couldnt possibly hurt these companies. I developed this website to share my database of codes with you and enhance your time gaming. I was especially pleased when I received an email from an enthusiastic gamer named Derek. He explained how grateful he was for actually obtaining a few Xbox Live codes free of charge. He had tried dozens and dozens of websites to no avail and was finally going to give up until he found Gamer. Authority. He said he immediately knew my website was different than others because of my transparency and passion for gaming. Im glad to have been able to provide Derek and hundreds of others just like him with free Xbox Live Gold membership. The only thing I ask from you is that you share my website with all your friends and family members who play video games. You shouldnt be the only one that receives free codes, and Im sure your friends will be appreciative. Here is the link to the free Xbox Live code generator. Just fill in your email and the code will be sent right away to your inbox. Enjoy If you want to learn more about the free Xbox Live code generator then continue readingWhat is a Xbox Live code generator To output free Xbox Live codes, the generator scans a massive list of preexisting Xbox Gold codes. Once the program finds a code that hasnt been previously used, the user is sent the code. Each code that is outputted by the generator is unique and personalized for you. The code allows you to access Xbox Live for free so that you are happily able to play online with your friends. Legitimate Xbox Live generators are hard to find because of all the fake ones. A lot of Xbox Live generators try to take advantage of young gamers. Since younger gamers have more trouble coming up with the money needed to purchase codes, many websites try forcing individuals into downloading viruses. These viruses lead to the user getting hacked of all their information, and I highly recommend that you never download anything from a free code website. At Gamer. Authority, you will never have to download anything. All you need to do is provide an email where the code can get delivered. By using your email address, you ensure the ability to come back and receive another code from the generator if your previous one runs out. How to get free Xbox Live codes The Xbox Live code generator makes it simple for you to get your codeOther than a few basic requirements, you will be gaming online in just a few minutes. All you have to do is quickly share my website with your friends and family. After that, you enter in your email, fill out a quick survey, and youre done The code will be sent to your inbox immediately after completion of the survey. All the survey does is ensure that youre not a bot. If there wasnt a survey lock, the generator would be bombarded by bots that would steal all the codes before real users like yourself get any. Rather than scouring the web for a Xbox Live Gold free trial that lasts 4. Xbox Live codes that work for years. If you still dont understand how this works, check out this video tutorial below. Frequently Asked Questions. How long do these codes last Xbox Live codes do not have an expiration date and are usable until they are redeemed. Can I come back to receive another code if my previous one runs out Absolutely I understand how difficult it is coming up with the money to pay for Xbox Live membership. Feel free to come back for another code, and share them with your friends. Where do these Xbox live codes workXbox Live codes are redeemable in any country. How do I redeem my free Xbox live You can redeem your membership through the Xbox online website or through your Xbox system. Free Xbox Live codes no surveys. Is the Xbox Live code generator no surveys The truth is, every legitimate Xbox Live code generator will require a survey. The surveys are necessary to restrict bots from spamming the generator and stealing all the codes. Although annoying, a quick survey is nothing compared to the joy of receiving free Xbox live gold membership.