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List of most expensive music videos. This page lists the most expensive music videos ever made, with costs of US5. David Bowies video for the 1. Get more of the music you love, by our most visited artists. Add tracks to your playlist, and discover new music from BBC Radio DJs. NFCT presents The Santaland Diaries, humorist David Sedaris hilarious take on one mans seasonal employment as one of Santas elves at Macys. Millie Bobby Brown Stars in The xxs New Music Video Making Her the Coolest Teenager Ever. Music S Millie Jackson' title='Music S Millie Jackson' />Ashes to Ashes was the first music video to exceed this sum. Janet Jackson leads with six videos on the list, while Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Ayumi Hamasaki have five each. Ayumi Hamasaki, T ara, 2. NE1 and B. A. P are also the only Asian artists to appear on this list. Madonna has made four appearances in the top 5 making her the artist with the most expensive videos of all time put together. Mylne Farmer has made 3 appearances. TLC, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Guns N Roses, and MC Hammer appear on the list twice. Jonny Goood was a cop for two years before pursuing his music dreams, which led him to Gagas band. She performs Wednesday, Nov. Sprint Center. Isaac Hayes and Millie Jackson Do You wanna make Love from the 1979 Album Royal Rappins Two great artists together on a fantastic album, get it at. Music S Millie Jackson' title='Music S Millie Jackson' />Joseph Kahn has directed four videos on this list while Hype Williams, Cha Eun Taek, and Wataru Takeishi have directed three videos on the list. Nigel Dick, Mark Romanek and John Landis appear twice on this list, the latter with videos both directed for Michael Jackson. This list only includes music videos with an announced or reported budget. Mark Romanek, the director of Michael and Janet Jacksons Scream, which is claimed to be the most expensive music video ever made, has since denied this claim saying that there were two other music videos from the same era which cost millions more than the video for Scream. In a 2. Mick Garris a writer for Michael Jacksons Ghosts stated that after several years of production development for the Ghosts short film it became the most expensive music video ever made. Michaels pocket. 2Indicates the title was the most expensive of all time at the time of production. WNcJCIyLtyAFz0EGDBDbFXTIyIcvgHA6LqlXEsHw=' alt='Music S Millie Jackson' title='Music S Millie Jackson' />Most expensive music videoseditArtistsSong title. Director. Original air date. Production USInflation adjusted PC 2. Speed Booster For Windows 7 there. Jackson, Michael Michael Jackson and Jackson, Janet Janet JacksonScream ScreamRomanek, Mark Mark Romanek31. May7,0. 00,0. 0041. MadonnaDie Another DayTraktor562. October 2. 26,1. MadonnaExpress YourselfFincher, David David Fincher81. May 1. 75,0. 00,0. MadonnaBedtime StoryRomanek, Mark Mark Romanek1. March 1. 05,0. 00,0. Jackson, Michael Michael Jacksonfeaturing L. T. B. Black or WhiteLandis, John John Landis1. November 1. 44,0. Guns N RosesEstrangedMorahan, Andy Andy Morahan1. December4,0. 00,0. Gwen StefaniMake Me Like YouMuller, Sophie Sophie Muller1. February 1. 54,0. AquaCartoon HeroesMasin, Thomas Thomas Masin2. January 2. 00. 03,5. Puff Daddy Puff Daddyfeaturing The Notorious B. I. G. Busta RhymesVictoryNispel, Marcus Marcus Nispelcitation needed1. March 3. 12,7. 00,0. MC Hammer2 Legit 2 QuitWainwright, Rupert Rupert Wainwright2. November2,5. 00,0. Carey, Mariah Mariah Careyfeaturing Jay ZHeartbreakerRatner, Brett Brett Ratnercitation needed1. August 1. 62,5. 00,0. Jackson, Janet Janet JacksonDoesnt Really MatterKahn, Joseph Joseph Kahn2. June 2. 82,5. 00,0. Busta Rhymes Janet JacksonWhats It Gonna BeWilliams, Hype Busta Rhymes Hype Williams Busta Rhymescitation needed1. March 1. 22,4. 00,0. Dion, Celine Celine DionIts All Coming Back to Me NowDick, Nigel Nigel Dickcitation needed1. July 2. 92,3. 00,0. Jackson, Michael Michael JacksonBadScorsese, Martin Martin Scorsese2. August 3. 12,2. 00,0. Backstreet BoysLarger Than LifeKahn, Joseph Joseph Kahncitation needed1. September 1. 42,1. Jackson, Michael Michael JacksonRemember the TimeSingleton, John John Singletoncitation needed1. February 32,0. 00,0. Will SmithMiamiWayne Isham2. Elliott, Missy Missy ElliottShes a BitchWilliams, Hype Hype Williamscitation needed1. May 12,0. 00,0. 0042,8. Michael, George George MichaelFreeekKahn, Joseph Joseph Kahn2. Hamasaki, Ayumi Ayumi Hamasakimy names WOMEN My Names WomenTakeishi, Wataru Wataru Takeishicitation needed2. March 1. 62,0. 00,0. Hamasaki, Ayumi Ayumi HamasakiFairylandTakeishi, Wataru Wataru Takeishicitation needed2. July 1. 62,0. 00,0. Hamasaki, Ayumi Ayumi HamasakiGreenKazuyoshi Shimomura Kazuyoshi Shimomuracitation needed2. December 1. 71,6. TLCUnprettyHunter, Paul Paul Huntercitation needed1. August 2. 91,6. 00,0. Guns N RosesNovember RainMorahan, Andy Andy Morahan1. June 21,5. 00,0. Blackstreet Janet Jacksonfeaturing Eve Ja RuleGirlfriendBoyfriendKahn, Joseph Joseph Kahncitation needed1. March 2. 31,5. 00,0. Madonnafeaturing Nicki Minaj and M. I. A. Give Me All Your LuvinMegaforce3. February 31,5. 00,0. MC HammerHere Comes the HammerMC Hammercitation needed1. January 11,3. 00,0. The FugeesReady or NotMarcus Nispel3. August 2. 91,3. 00,0. West, Kanye Kanye WestStrongerWilliams, Hype Hype Williamscitation needed2. July1,2. 00,0. 0041,3. Duran DuranWild Boys, The The Wild BoysMulcahy, Russell Russell Mulcahycitation needed1. Jackson, Michael Michael JacksonThriller ThrillerLandis, John John Landis1. Boyz Ii Men Legacy Zip here. December 21,0. 00,0. S. E. S. S. E. S. LoveTak Jae Hooncitation needed1. November 2. 71,0. Jackson, Janet Janet Jacksonwith NellyCall on MeWilliams, Hype Hype Williamscitation needed2. July 2. 61,0. 00,0. Sisters of Mercy The Sisters of MercyDominionMother RussiaEldritch, Andrew Andrew Eldritchcitation needed1. February1,0. 00,0. The Rolling StonesLove Is StrongFincher, David David Fincher4. TLCWaterfallsGray, F. Gary F. Gary Gray4. Sisqfeaturing Foxy BrownThong Song remixLittle X Little X4. Spears, Britney Britney SpearsToxicKahn, Joseph Joseph Kahn4. January 1. 31,0. West, Kanye Kanye Westfeaturing Lupe FiascoTouch the SkyMilk, Chris Chris Milkcitation needed2. April1,0. 00,0. 004. Hamasaki, Ayumi Ayumi HamasakiJewelTakeishi, Wataru Wataru Takeishicitation needed2. November1,1. 00,0. Farmer, Mylene Mylne FarmerLme stram gramSiu Tung, Ching Ching Siu Tung4. Jackson, Janet Janet JacksonI Get LonelyHunter, Paul Paul Hunter5. Samsung Diagnostic Tool Windows 7. March1,0. 00,0. 005. Hamasaki, Ayumi Ayumi HamasakiVirgin Road Virgin RoadMuto, Masashi Masashi Mutocitation needed2. September 2. 71,0. T ara T araCry Cry Lovey DoveyCha Eun Taek Cha Eun Taek. November 1. 11,0. B. A. P B. A. POne ShotKang Ji Won Kim Ki Bum Kang Ji Won Kim Ki bum. February 1. 29. 15,0. Gangkiz GangkizHoney HoneyCha Eun Taek Cha Eun Taek5. May 1. 29. 00,0. Infinite InfiniteDestinyHong Won ki5. July 1. 68. 90,0. Spears, Britney Britney SpearsWork BitchBen Mor. October 18. 50,0. Zadora, Pia Pia ZadoraHeartbeat of LoveSena, Dominic Dominic Sena6. GorillazSaturnz BarzJamie Hewlett. March 2. 38. 00,0. Farmer, Mylene Mylne FarmerCaliforniaFerrara, Abel Abel Ferrara6. March 2. 07. 88,0. Spears, Britney Britney SpearsOops. I Did It AgainDick, Nigel Nigel Dick6. April 1. 07. 50,0. Speed SpeedSad PromiseCha Eun Taek Cha Eun Taek6. January 77. 06,0. Lil DickyPillow TalkingTony Yacenda7. April 1. 47. 00,0. Bowie, David David BowieAshes to AshesBowie, David Mallet, David David Bowie David Mallet7. May5. 82,0. 007. Spears, Britney Britney SpearsHold It Against MeJonas kerlund7. February 1. 75. 00,0. Farmer, Mylene Mylne FarmerPourvu quelles soient doucesBoutonnat, Laurent Laurent Boutonnat7. September 1. 25. Spears, Britney Britney SpearsPiece of MeWayne Isham7. December 1. 45. 00,0. NE1 2. NE1Come Back HomeDee Shin8. March 45. 00,0. 00citation needed5. Celebrity childhood bios Facts, photos, ethnicity sexuality Entertainmentwise.