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Toad for Oracle Release Notes. Toadfor Oracle. Version 1. Release Notes. September 3. Contents. Welcome to Toad for Oracle. Toad for Oracle provides an efficient and accurate way for database professionals of all skill and experience levels to perform their jobs with an overall improvement in workflow and productivity. With Toad for Oracle you can Understand your database environment through visual representations. Meet deadlines easily through automation and smooth workflows. OCIConnection TNS Listener available default 1521 SID unknown XMLDB Oracle 79i R2 lsnrctl status ip 9. Listener Password or Oracle 10g R1R2. Oracleimp. OracleImport utility imp. The Oracle Networking products search for configuration files is not standard across platforms and may change from version to version. Windows NT2000. OBJECTIVE I want to play a pivotal role in evaluating, recommending, and implementing IT infrastructure projects in a dynamic and progressive environment. Perform essential development and administration tasks from a single tool. Deploy high quality applications that meet user requirements and perform reliably in production. Validate database code to ensure the best possible performance. Manage and share projects, templates, scripts, and more with ease. The Toad for Oracle solutions are built for you, by you. Over 1. 0 years of development and feedback from various communities like Toad World have made it the most powerful and functional tool available. With an installed base of over one million, Toad for Oracle continues to be the standard tool for development and administration. Toad for Oracle Editions. All commercial versions of Toad are bundled with additional Quest products, based upon the Edition that you purchased. A Database Administrator DBA earns an average salary of Rs 456,523 per year. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Oracle RAC and. Unloading data using external tables in 10g. This is an introduction to a new feature of external tables in 10g, namely the ability to unload data from the database. ODAC for Windows consists of Oracle client side drivers, including ODP. NET, ODBC, OLE DB, and Oracle Services for MTS. SoftTree SQL Assistant Database development and productivity tools for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Postgre SQL, and MySQL database developers and DBAs. For more information about the latest features in your Toad Edition and the bundled products, see the Toad Editions Release Notes. Back to Top. New in This Release. Review the following sections for new features in this release. All Toad Editions. General. The following features no longer require the DB Admin module, and are now available in the Base edition of Toad Oracle Parameters window Database Administer Oracle ParametersAltering audit options in the Schema Browser. Audit Objects window Database Administer Audit ObjectsAudit SQLSys Privs window Database Administer Audit SQLSys PrivsMaintaining the following object types in the Schema Browser Directories, Profiles, Resource Consumer Groups, Resource Plans, Roles, Rollback Segments, DBMSScheduler Objects, System Privileges, and Tablespaces. Toad now features a Rerun menu. It allows you to quickly re execute windows that were recently executed via a Toad Action. Select More on the menu to see all available actions. The Automation Designer has a new RexecSSH action. This allows you to execute a command on a remote server. It is available on the Utilities tab of the Automation Designer. The Automation Designer has a new Create Variable action. You can create a local variable temporary, only used for the execution of the app or a global variable permanent, saved in Toad Options and persists after execution. This action is available on the Control tab in the Automation Designer. Editor. You can now perform basic calculations on grid cells, such as finding the sum or average of the selected cells. To use this feature, select adjacent cells in the grid and click in the grid toolbar CTRLN. The calculations display in a new row below the grid. PM.png' alt='Oracle 8I Database Windows Xp' title='Oracle 8I Database Windows Xp' />Idea Pond 7. You can now save your settings in the Find and Replace window as a reusable macro. To use this feature, click. See Find and Replace Text in the online help for more information. Idea Pond 1. 33. To quickly reuse a macro, click the arrow beside on the Edit toolbar and select it from the list. You can easily execute a SQL statement embedded within PLSQL. To use this feature, place the cursor in the statement and press SHIFTF9. Summary. Today, Toad for Oracle presents a solution for a great platform where Database Quality, Performance and Availability functions for administration and. A new window displays with the extracted and reformatted SQL statement. You can export your saved SQL and import it back into Toad. Toad exports your history, personal, and named SQL statements from SQL Recall. To use this feature, open the SQL Recall pane F8, and click the Import or Export buttons on the SQL Recall toolbar. The Editor now helps you complete parameters by inserting the parameter signature. It creates placeholders for the parameter values, which you can type over and use TABSHIFTTAB to navigate between. You can also have Toad use a named notation this option can be enabled on the Toad Options Code Assistance page. Idea Pond 4. 11. Schema Browser Schema drop downs have been updated, and now it is easier to customize them by creating a list of favorites, hiding schemas, setting the default schema for connections, and other options. The changes apply to all windows with the schema drop down, such as the Editor and Schema Browser. See Customize Schema Browser Tabs in the online help for more information. Idea Pond 3. 2. When you view a tables data in the Schema Browser, you can split the window to also show child or parent tables in a new detail grid. You can also change the query for the detail grid. To use this feature, click the Show Detail Dataset button on the Data tab toolbar. If the table has a single foreign key, Toad automatically displays the related table. If there is more than one foreign key, click the arrow beside the ViewEdit Detail Query button on the detail grid toolbar and select the table. Toad remembers your selection. The History button has been replaced with forward and back buttons. History is still available as a drop down on the new buttons. Items will now only be added to history when you stop on them for at least one second. Consequently, holding the up or down arrow key to browse no longer fills your history with items you browsed past. Team Coding and Source Control. The source control setup process has been redesigned, and it is now much simpler to select a version control system VCS and set up Team Coding. To set up a VCS on its own, select View Toad Options Source Control. To set up Team Coding, select Utilities Team Coding Configure Team Coding. See Set Up Team Coding in the online help for more information. The source control toolbars have been combined and simplified. Now, you can perform all of your source control tasks from one toolbar, regardless of whether you use just Team Coding, just a VCS, or both. To view the toolbar, right click the menu area and select Team Coding. Source control now has a Check in All Files button on the toolbar, which lets you check in all files or objects which you currently have checked out. Code Control Groups have been replaced by Code Collections. Code Collections combine information in Code Control Groups and the Team Coding Mask in a single user view, thereby making it easier to set up groups for Team coding. See Create Code Collections in the online help for more information. Download Live Xp Super V1 Iso. Team Coding roles have been simplified, and now there is only one role TCADMINROLE. This helps simplify setting up Team Coding. All other users in the database can automatically use Team Coding with restricted privileges. See Team Coding Roles in the online help for more information. When a user with the TCADMINROLE sets up a VCS, Toad stores the server settings as the default for all Team Coding users. This makes it much easier to set up Team Coding for a group of developers. This feature only works with Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Perforce, and Subversion. Connections. You can now save database connection settings without connecting to the database. Prince Love Money there. To use this feature, from the Database Login window click. See Create New Connections in the online help for more information. Idea Pond 2. 34. You can now easily edit saved database connection settings. To use this feature, select the connection in the Database Login window and click on the window toolbar.