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Porsche Boxster Coolant Tank Replacement 9. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Waynes new book, 1. Performance Projects for Your Porsche Boxster. The book contains 3. With more than 9. Boxster owners collection. The book is currently available and in stock now. See The Official Book Website for more details. The replacement of the Boxster coolant tank is probably one of the top ten jobs that typically need to be done on an older Boxster. The coolant tank is one of the worst designs I have seen ever come out of an automotive company. Six separate coolant hoses feed into the tank, with three of them internal to the tank mechanism itself. The hoses from the tank feed into an integrated manifold on the engine bulkhead that is manufactured out of plastic and is prone to breaking. In addition, the plastic tank itself often cracks with age and leaks coolant in the trunk compartment. Porsche had redesigned this part several times over the past decade, and to this day, there are still problems with the tanks. When should you replace your tankPorsche 944 Repair Manual PdfPorsche 944 Repair Manual PdfIf your tank is looking old or yellow, or if you are finding a pool of coolant in your trunk area, then its probably time to replace your tank. Lift up the carpet in the rear of your trunk to check. I also recommend replacing the coolant tank when its really old, particularly if you have your transmission out for a clutch job. The hoses inside the engine compartment can be difficult to reach, and having the transmission out of the car makes a very difficult job a lot easier. If you are losing coolant from your engine, and youre not sure where its going, then you can perform a few relatively simple tests to check. First, get an air pressure adapter that will allow you to hook up a shop compressor to your coolant tank cap. MNL/1AMNL00128/403e57744b4241d4b1ecf50b7c28d0d8_490.jpg' alt='Porsche 944 Repair Manual Pdf' title='Porsche 944 Repair Manual Pdf' />Related Book Ebook Pdf 76 Honda Xl 250 Repair Manual Home Portrait Of A Spy A Novel Porsche 911 Guide To Purchase Diy Restoration Portes Ouvertes Sur Maison. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Waynes new book, 101 Performance Projects for Your Porsche Boxster. P series 60 special fleetwood buy 1959 cadillac factory repair shop service manual coupe sedan coupe deville sedan deville eldorado seville eldorado. View and Download Porsche Boxster owners manual online. Boxster Automobile pdf manual download. Verified Book Library Repair Manual For Porsche Cayenne Summary PDF Book Repair Manual For Porsche Cayenne the place with the widest selection of do it yourself. I/614dgdHtw6L.jpg' alt='Porsche 944 Repair Manual Pdf' title='Porsche 944 Repair Manual Pdf' />Then, pressurize the system to about 1. Let it sit and see if you can hear or see any coolant escaping. If the coolant is getting past the head gasket into the crankcase, it will mix with the oil, and you will be able to see that easily when you empty the oil Figure 1. If the head gasket is leaking coolant into the cylinders, then they will begin to fill up with coolant, and you can see this when you remove the spark plugs. The first step in replacing the tank is to drain the coolant. I recommend replacing all of the coolant if you are swapping out the tank refer to Project 2. Porsches new Panamera is a brutally handsome car. As todays Nice Price or Crack Pipe 11 attests however, the first generation was far less of an aesthetic. Porsche 911 model manufactured and sold between late 1993 and early 1998 model years 19951998 in the. The most difficult part of this project is the disconnection of the existing hoses from the back of the radiator tank manifold. With the car completely assembled, it can be very difficult to reach these hoses. It is possible to reach them from inside the engine compartment, but you may not be able to get tools onto the clamps that hold the hoses. Its also possible to reach them from below, but you need to remove the lower suspension support bars and the transmission cover plate see Pelican Technical Article Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid. Photo 2 shows the hoses that you need to disconnect from the engine compartment side of the radiator tank. Once the hoses are disconnected, move to the rear trunk, pull back the carpet and flooring that surrounds the coolant reservoir. Remove the electrical sender plug in the bottom of the tank, and gently pull out the dipstick tube from the top of the coolant tank. Four screws hold the tank to the chassis remove them as shown in Figure 4. Remove the oil cap and coolant tank caps. You should be able to remove the tank at this point from the car. With the tank out of the car, transfer the coolant level sender, the large top tank seal, the bulkhead manifold oil filler, and the three right angle hoses to the new tank or install new ones if you wish to replace everything with new parts. Dont reuse the spring type clamps use new ones or clamp style hose clamps instead. Installation is pretty much the opposite of removal. With everything back in place, refill and bleed your cooling system as per the instructions in Pelican Technical Article Coolant Tank Replacement. Figure 1. Shown here is the lower engine sump plate removed from an engine where coolant and oil mixed heavily. The oil will turn a light brownish color with streaks of light brown running through it. If you see this or anything similar to this when you empty your oil, then you most likely have a head gasket leak that needs to be addressed right away. When coolant mixes with engine oil in this fashion, the oil looses its ability to function as a lubricant for the engine bearings, and you can damage the crankshaft and rods. Large Image Extra Large Image. Figure 2. Heres the best photo I could take of the hoses in the engine compartment. They are so difficult to reach that its even very difficult to get a good accurate photo of them. This photo was taken with the transmission out of the car, which is indeed the best time to replace the coolant tank. The arrows point to the hoses that need to be disconnected Oil filler hose orange, Oil cooler hose green, Radiator vent hose blue, Coolant filler hose yellow, Coolant overflow hose shown removed, mates to the nipple shown by the red arrow. The lower left inset photo shows the coolant level sensor unplugged. The lower right inset photo shows the top of the tank. Large Image Extra Large Image. Figure 3. If youre having difficulty reaching some of the hoses from underneath, you may be able to gain some additional access by pulling out the tank and loosening the hose clamps through the rear trunk compartment. For this photo, I was able to first disconnect the filler hose, and then I had enough room to pull the tank out to reach some of the other hoses. You can also push the DME wire harness grommet into the engine compartment and gain some additional access that way see Photo 5 of Pelican Technical Article Engine Drop Removal. Large Image Extra Large Image. Figure 4. Shown here are the screws that attach the coolant tank to the chassis. The blue arrows point to the nuts that hold the plastic manifold to the chassis. The Sims 3 Final Fantasy Mods. The yellow arrow points to the coolant sensor. The green arrow shows another mounting point for the bottom of the tank. In the inset photo, the red arrow points to a bolt that holds the top of the tank to the chassis, and the purple arrow shows the oil dipstick tube pulled away from the top of the tank housing. Large Image Extra Large Image. Figure 5. Shown here is the new tank, along with a brand new coolant level sender and a new expansion tank cap. Large Image Extra Large Image. Figure 6. The oil filler tube bulkhead manifold is one of the goofiest designs Ive seen in a long time. On our project car, just as we started up the 3. After staring at the puddle on the ground for several minutes I fixed the design of the manifold and simply cut a hole in the manifold and ran a hose directly from the engine compartment to the bottom of the tank. This was designed to be a temporary fix until I was able to replace the entire piece, but frankly, its worked flawlessly and is still installed in this configuration today. Large Image Extra Large Image.