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KB/cs/Rapidshare-Download_Class/Qrapidownloadr.JPG' alt='Rapidshare Limit User' title='Rapidshare Limit User' />Tutorial to Creating a Private Torrent File in u. Torrent. Home Articles Creating a Private Torrent in u. Torrent Guide TutorialThis article explains how to share large files with either your friends privately or with anyone publicly using Bit. Torrent and u. Torrent, optionally using u. Torrents built in embedded tracker. DISCLAIMER Proceed at your own risk The information here is accurate to. We will not be held responsible if this. In real serious terms, if any corruption of data, hardware damage. We will not be responsible for it. If you. dont like this, please dont read any further. Introduction. What are the options when you want to send a 4. GB DVD folder to your family, relatives and friends Rapidshare MegauploadOr lt gulp. MSN Free media file hosts have some limits either in the maximum data you can download per day, or the constant nagging to buy their premium service. And MSN is not designed for sending such large files just imagine if the file stalled at the 9. You will need to resend the entire fileMSNs Shared Folders had some promise but it was later replaced by Sky. Drive, which limits each file to 5. MB, although it gives 2. GB of space. So what other alternative is thereRapidshare Limit UserTheres FTP. Or you can take a risk and send it via MSN. Or you can split the file in segments and upload it to a Sky. Drive, Rapid. Share, Mega. Upload or other file hosting server. Im using Firefox anyway you can reup them looks like rapidshare took them down. If you have a web hosting server, you can upload it to there. But chances are your web host will not be too happy about it as their terms of service do not allow you to share resource intensive files. Except perhaps our web host, Dream. TyAKrlcp8/0.jpg' alt='Rapidshare Limit User' title='Rapidshare Limit User' />Software products and custom development for mobile phones, cell phone, smartphones and Windows computers If all software were that easy. Host they offer a huge 5. GB of space just for backups, along with their normal webspace so you can use it as a convenient file storage centre. So what else Enter Bittorrent a very efficient peer to peer P2. P file sharing protocol to share your files with anyone, anywhere. You can share files privately within only people you choose, or publicly with anyone on the Internet. The only requirement is a internet connection. Starting off. You will first need to install and optimize utorrent for maximum speed. This has already been covered in another guide. Please follow it first. A tracker is needed for all peers to connect to for a updated list of peers. Fortunately, utorrent comes with a built in tracker function that we will utilize for this guide. If you want to use an external tracker such as Open. Bit. Torrent, obtain the announcer URL from the site. It will look something like this http site. In Open. Bit. Torrents case, it will be http tracker. For torrents you intend to share with everyone, you will also need to upload the torrent to a tracker site such as legaltorrents. Please post your speed test results for Vividwireless 4G Wireless Broadband here. Oz Broadband speedtest website Google search results for speedtest australi. Free HTML Website Maker. Create awesome website with slideshow in seconds. For Mac and Windows Page 1 of 32 RELGTAIV XLiveLess posted in Scripts Plugins XLiveLess small replacement of the xlive. Last Update version 0. Step by step guide to getting optimum speeds with uTorrent 2. TP UDP protocol, protocol encryption, halfopen connection limit and upload rate control. Overview Download Buy Support FAQ Contact News Download. Windows x86 XP20002003Vista2008Win72008R2Win8Win2012. Rapidshare Limit User' title='Rapidshare Limit User' />Rapidshare Limit UserOtherwise, you can simply use u. Torrents built in tracker and upload it to a personal website. In any case, for everyone to be able to download your files, they will need to obtain the torrent file from somewhere such as an online site, via e mail, via MSN or via file sharing sites such as Rapid. Share. Without it, they will not be able to download your files. Pros and Cons of Using u. Torrents Built In Embedded Tracker. Pros. Cons. Private. Only you and the people you send the torrent to know about your torrent. Your IP address must not change. IP addresses can change if you use a dial up connection and need to manually reconnect to the Internet every time you switch on the computer. If you are using a broadband router such as 2. Wire, Linksys, DLink, Belkin, etc, chances are that your IP address never changes unless you restart your router. If it does, it can be somewhat subverted with services like No ip but the downloaders will be need to be told specifically to refresh their DNS when your IP changes. Simple. Just an onoff switch not much fuss needed. No control over who can connect to the tracker unless a firewall is used, advanced. Anyone can connect to your tracker and share their torrent IF and only IF they know your IP address and port number. And you wouldnt know as u. Torrent has no interface to show what is going on in the tracker However, the occurrence of this is very rare as the person would need to know your IP address and port. Also, the person can only use your tracker to share files from his own PC so it is a very very minor con. So which one should you use If you are creating a torrent only to share with people you know, go with u. Torrents built in tracker. Else, for torrents that you want anyone to be able to download, go with public trackers. Using u. Torrents Built In Tracker. This step is only necessary if you are using u. Torrents built in embedded tracker. If you are using public trackers, it is not needed and you can skip to the next section. Start u. Torrent if it is already not running Check that your port is opened properly by entering your port number below and clicking Submit. Ensure that u. Torrent is running before submitting. Torrent Port Checker. Your port number can be found in u. Torrent Options Preferences Connection Port used for incoming connections. When you click Submit, there should be a OKIf not, please read the guide on how to port forward as port forwarding is important for downloaders to be able to connect to you. Note down the IP address mentioned in the line. Checking port. Port Number. IP Address. Here is a screen shot to better explain the IP address is blurred for privacy reasons Port Checker Results and how to obtain your IP address, numbers in the dark blue box shows your IP address. With the information, you can now form the tracker URL. Your tracker URL will be http IP Address Port Numberannounce. For example, if your port number is 5. IP address is 2. 09. URL will be http 2. The above is just an example. You will need to substitute it with your IP address and port number you obtained above. NOTE Your IP address must also NOT change until you finish sending the files to your friend. This means you should not restart your router or disconnect your dial up session until you finish sending the files. If your IP address changes, no one can connect to you and the torrent will stall as the peers will not know your new IP. However, activity between peers will continue, just that new peers will not be able to join the torrent. If no one other peer has the complete file when you change IP or disconnect, the torrent will stall. We will need this tracker URL later, so note it down somewhere for now. In utorrent, go to Options Preferences Advanced. Change the Value of bt. Setting bt. enabletracker to true. On the left, click Bittorrent. Bluestacks Msi Program Setup File here. Set the IPHostname to report to tracker to your IP address we identified just now. You only need the IP address, do not include the port number. In our example, it would be 2. Youre set Click OK. Creating the Torrent. You cannot change any part of the download once it is created. For example, if you create a torrent from a folder named WEDDING, you must not modify the contents of the folder by adding any new files to the folder as those will not get sent. Lets start to create a torrent. Place all your files that you want to share in one folder. Start u. Torrent if it is already not runningClick File and then Create New Torrent. Under Select Source, select the folder containing the files you want to share by clicking on Add directory. Under Trackers add your tracker server. If you are using utorrents built in tracker, follow the format stated above.