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Real Big Dumbass Writes Real Dumb Column About Michael Bennett. Sometimes you run across a column that is just so plainly stupid and written in bad faith that its hard to muster the indignation necessary to give it a proper critique. How do you even begin to tell the guy eating his own feces that eating his own feces is bad Anyway, heres this fucking column about Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennetts decision to sit for the national anthem, from the News Tribunes John Mc. Grath, which reads like it was written in 2. Were supposed to be done with this shit As an accomplished NFL player, he has ample opportunities to serve as a change agent preaching justice for all Seven months during the off season, six full days a week between August and January. But over the three and half hours hes competing for the Seattle Seahawks on Sundays, his ambitiously virtuous platform should be limited to the mundane matter of winning a football game. Its a fair compromise, no As a citizen of a nation conceived by a protest movement strong enough to achieve independence, Bennett gets every right to voice opinions on issues unrelated to football. But as part of a roster assembled with athletes from coast to coast, from gated community neighborhoods to neighborhoods where the only gates are in front of windows and doors, Bennetts national anthem stance or lack thereof is distracting and potentially divisive. Software Patch Firmware Ps3 By Kmeaw Ps3 more. What While no fellow players criticized Bennetts refusal to join them for the anthem, I suspect at least a few of them were not thrilled by the snapshot of the towel hanging over his head. Its one thing to sit down while everybody else in the stadium is standing, and quite another to sit down in a gesture that amounted to exclamation point. Make the sit down statement, OK. Making the sit down statement with a towel over your head pushes the line, and Bennetts job is to push another kind of line. Real Draw Pro 5 Crack' title='Real Draw Pro 5 Crack' />Clip Studio Paint EX 1. Crack Materials x64 is a powerful paint tool for manga software which has acquired 1,000,000 users,with outstanding drawing. Need logo design inspiration Here we feature 10 of the best logo design galleries for all of your inspirational needs. The fuckNews Tribune.