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Vintage 7. 0s Stereo Systemgallagherstory. Vintage 7. 0s Stereo Equipment. Confessions of a Scrounger. How to Find, Sell, Fix and Enjoy the best of Vintage Stereoby Mark Gallagherfeedback. Please. Join My Facebook Group Vintage Stereo in Black and. White Marantz 2. 33. Thorens TD 1. 65 turntable, Thorens TD 1. JBL. L9. 6 speakers, and Akai GX 2. D reel to reel tape. Project. The original goal of this project was to recreate a stereo system similar to the one. I owned in college in the early 7. I needed the. money after college. Stereo components of the 7. Speaker Parts. We sell speaker parts to repair speakers, replace, or upgrade speakers including woofers, tweeters, midranges, speaker kits, drivers, crossover parts. Sansui SP3500 for sale. Priced per pair Two pairs of massive Sansui SP3500 vintage speakers total of 4 speakers available. These are among Sansuis best. See our NEW HiFi Blog page lots of New Sections since Jan 2017 that add a wide range of HiFi Tech related subjects plus opinion on HiFi News 19701980 as we. Audio Related Internet Site List updated daily by Steve Ekblad. AAOSwK7FWhv4G/s-l400.jpg' alt='Sansui Sound Drivers' title='Sansui Sound Drivers' />Visually, these. And these systems were loud designed to play rock music of the. Now it is an ongoing hobby to find, test, fix and enjoy stereo. Latest. Finds Projects These are my latest projects Marantz. Marantz 2. 27. 0 Receivercirca 1. Roger from. Arizona was the original owner and he generously offered to give me. We worked out a plan where I would pay to have. My friend.  the tech, lubricated all the controls, replaced a few caps. Diffuser. paper also called Vellum paper replaced on the dial to improve. After. Photo  Dial lighting is much improved without. More info, google the following vintage. Marantz 2. 27. 0 after. Pro Ject. Debut Carbon Turntable  a new turntable sold at. Amazon and other retailers. I love the look of this. I bought the gray color and connected it to my. Sansui AU 7. 17 amplifier. Sounds great. JBL L9. Found. these at a garage sale near my home a great find. Zenith Royal 1. 00. HomeProfessional Audio Equipment Service and Repair in Vancouver, Lower Mainland Region, BC. Driver_Board_Clone/01_2.jpg' alt='Sansui Sound Drivers' title='Sansui Sound Drivers' />Trans Oceanicfrom the early 1. I found this cool. It was covered in dust and. When I got it. home, I opened it up and it was perfect inside. Replaced the. What a cool radio of that era and. Zenith was a great Chicago company. Sansui AU 7. 17. TU 7. This amp is. one of the best sounding amps I have heard. I had it restored with. It sounds fantastic with my. Rectilinear speakers. Please. Join My Facebook Group Vintage Stereo in Black and. White. Sansui 4. 00. I have ever heard. I use it with my Dynaco A 2. Dynaco A 2. 5 speakers, these. A 2. 5VW, made in the USA, late 7. I. replaced the ugly brown grill cloth with new grill cloth from Parts. Express.   These sound identical to the regular A2. These are rare JBL speakers from. Summer, 2. 01. 1. JBL Aquarius II from 1. Klipsch KG4 speakers late. These speakers. sound terrific. The KG4 are off the radar for many vintage stereo collectors. But I think they sound. Love this turntable and it sounds. Thorens TD 1. 26 Electronic with. Stanton 6. 81. EEE cartridge. Note, I had it serviced by Evan. LEDs giving the turntable a more modern look. I. Recently picked this up from a. Price was 4. Cobra Matic record changer. Zenith console circa 1. Voice of Music Corp. I plan to restore it, replace the needle and use it to stack 7. Love the look and design of this record changer. No, its not a stereo. Its an IBM Selectric II. Typewriter I found at a garage sale for 1. I. love the look and feel of this machine. I am a good typist and the feel of. No, it has little  practical utility, but I. IBM Selectric II Typewriter. The famous IBM typing element. Ive discovered tubes  There is no going back. The music. sounds richer, fuller, more beautiful when produced by gear using tubes. Fisher 5. 0b tuner from 1. I just picked this up on Ebay. Its fully restored and ready to. I always wanted a Fisher. Im one happy camper. A look inside the Fisher 5. Pilot 2. 45. A amplifier pulled. Fisher 5. 0b tuner, this pair sounds. The Pilot is on loan to me from a friend. Current project record some. Reel to Reel tape deck from the 7. Akai GX 2. 66. D Reel to Reel. Tape Deck Originally sold for 9. Records in either direction and has. Large white VU meters. I paid 3. 20 for this unit from Ebay in 1. Recordings from this unit sound. AR 4. X speakers from. Craigs List, April 2. These were beat up and stained some odd grayish brown color. I decided to sand. Start sanding the cabinets to. Sanding about done. Applied some Watco Danish Oil. Finish naturalThese are about done removed and. Now restored to the original pine cabinets, this was the least expensive model. X sold in the late 6. They sound great. Recently, Ive been looking. RCA Victor AM Transistor. Radio, Globe Trotter, Model 3 RG 8. Picked this radio. Goodwill for 9. 9 cents. Love the look of this radio and it works. It dates from the mid 6. Zenith AMFM Tube Radio Model. G7. 30. W from the 1. This radio has 7 tubes and works very well. I. use it as a daily runner for listening to talk radio. The human voice has. I paid 7 for this radio at a local thrift. Marantz 2. 33. 0b receiver in wood. I recently restored the wood finish. Howard Restore a Finish walnutInside the 2. My beloved Marantz 2. There is no receiver more beautiful. But. I burned out some output transistors testing my Infinity speakers, so I. I. originally bought this receiver on Ebay in 1. This  Marantz produces 1. Originally sold in. Marantz metal. face, a  metal push button or knob for every conceivable function, blue. Sony Trinitron TV with. My latest Goodwill find for 2. I. cleaned the outside and inside and this thing looks like new. Love the. clean design of this TV. The picture quality and color are excellent. Lava Lamp next to my. Dual 1. 22. 8 Turntable and Carver preampgarage sale purchase, September 2. Allison CD 8 Speakers circa 1. Purchased at a local garage sale in August, 2. These speakers sound excellent. Roy Allison designed many of the most popular AR speakers in the late 6. Allison speakers are off the. They were high end speakers when sold in the 8. The convex tweeter and midrange. Allison CD 8 speakers. These speakers play with. The Allison CD 8. Dual turntable and Marantz 2. Rectilinear III speakers. Picked these up at local garage sale for. Sept. 2. 00. 7. Great speakers, full range, terrific east coast sound, I love these. I replaced the capacitors in the crossover with help from. Bob and they now sound like new big sound, but smooth and accurate. Rectilinear III speakers. Sherwood S 7. 10. I love the look of this receiver. Picked it up at a church sponsored garage sale for 1. July 2. 00. 7 and I. Deoxit, cleaned the outside and. Love these vintage Sherwood receivers. Thorens TD 1. 65 turntable. Made a deal with Evan from Madison, Wisconsin. I traded my Infinity RS II. Evan and he took my old Thorens and totally overhauled, repaired. Dynavector 1. 0x cartridge. It sounds fantastic and is now my main turntable connected to my Carver. Rectilinear speakers. B W DM1. 4 speakers. I sold these on Craigs List for 2. Boyz Ii Men Legacy Zip on this page. August 2. 00. 7. They. I have too many speakers right now, so they had to. Beautiful wood cabinets and 3 drivers. I purchased these on Craigs. List in 2. 00. 6 for 2. B W DM1. 4 speakers. My best find of 2. Altec. 6. 01 8. D 1. Acousti craft kit cabinets, circa. Fantastic sounding vintage Altec speakers, this was a very lucky find for. Purchased at an estate sale in Wheaton for 1. June. 2. 00. 7. Back of the cabinet is open to. Altec 6. 01 8. D driver and crossover in green metal box, one port is. Acousti craft kit cabinet that would be purchased separately. I added some gray weather stripping so the back. This is the speaker in the. Altec 6. 01 8. D duplex speakerduplex means the horn tweeter is combined with the woofer. Please Join My Facebook Group Vintage Stereo in Black. White. JBL Decade L2. Purchased these on Craigs List for 5. July, 2. 00. 7. JBL Decade L2.