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An automatic firmware update broke LockStates internetenabled smart locks for around 500 customers earlier this month, including around 200 Airbnb hosts who. Waymo is an autonomous car development company spun out of Googles parent company, Alphabet Inc., in December 2016. It then took over the selfdriving car project. Avast Premier 2017 Final Version is the most comprehensive security package designed by the Czech company AVAST Software. It protects computer. Solution to ASUS Smart Gesture touchpad not working after upgrading to Windows 10. Latest ASUS drivers and more fixes. Oracle Technology Network is the ultimate, complete, and authoritative source of technical information and learning about Java. IObit Driver Booster PRO 5 Activation Key Crack Updated IObit Driver Booster PRO 5 Activation Key is the simplest and smart driver updater that scans your Windows. Smart Driver Updater License Key List' title='Smart Driver Updater License Key List' />Xen. AppXen. Desktop Carl Stalhood. Navigation. Xen. AppXen. Microsoft Office 365 Product Key Crack Free Download100 Working Read More Office 365 Product Key. Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key. Microsoft Office 365 is. Avira Antivirus Pro Key 2016 Crack License Key Activation Code FREE. Large Active Directory Multiple Forests. From CTX133013 Desktop Director User Account Search Process is Slow or Fails By default, all the Global Catalogs for the. Desktop Versions. Version Numbering. The current versions of Xen. AppXen. Desktop are collectively known as 7. Since upgrading from 7. Citrix has no immediate plans to change the version to 8. Release Notifications. Follow my Twitter or EUC Weekly Digests for new release notifications. Sometimes release notifications are posted to Citrix Blogs, but this is far from comprehensive. Watch Citrix Discussions and Citrix Support Knowledgebase to learn about known issues that are fixed in a later release. Release Classifications LTSR, CRThere are three classifications for on premises releases LTSR Long Term Service Release these releases get 5 years of mainstream support, plus up to 5 more years of extended support. CR Current Release 6 months support. Updated quarterly. LTSR Compatible Current Releases supported when running in a LTSR implementation. Normally all components must be LTSR versions. But this classification provides exceptions. LTSR Programs. There are two different LTSR programs LTSR Licensing requirement. LTSR requires you to be on Customer Success Services Select, formerly known as Software Maintenance. LTSR vs CRSupport Duration. LTSR is supported for 5 years from the LTSR release date, plus 5 more years of optional extended support. Cumulative Updates patches for LTSR are released periodically. Cumulative Updates for LTSR are installed exactly like upgrading to a newer CR, except you dont get any new features. Be prepared to install these Cumulative Updates every 6 months. Receiver too. CRs are end of maintenance after 6 months, and end of life after 1. Be prepared to upgrade to a newer CR every 6 months. Receiver too. See Lifecycle Milestones for Xen. App Xen. Desktop for an explanation of support durations for each release classification. Release Frequency. New LTSR versions are released every 1. Prior LTSRs are still supported for the full 5 years. New LTSR version gets new 5 year support from the new release date. There are two LTSR releases 7. LTSR, and 7. 6. 3. LTSR. Cumulative Updates CU for LTSR are released every few months. Dont forget to install these patches. Ive seen CUs fix LTSR issues. CUs do not include new features. Citrix has released four Cumulative Updates for 7. LTSR, bumping up the version to 7. LTSR is now available. Citrix will continue to release Cumulative Updates for 7. LTSR. As well as CUs for 7. LTSR. New CR versions are released every quarter. Sometimes longer for Receiver. See Citrix Blog Post Xen. App and Xen. Desktop 2. Release Schedule. Citrix Cloud Xen. App and Xen. Desktop Service gets new CR releases every 3 weeks. Some Xen. AppXen. Desktop components are released on a separate schedule from the main LTSR or CR releases App Layering. Workspace Environment Management. CR cons. New CRs add new features, and new bugs. For example The initial release of XAXD CR 7. CR 7. 1. 3 had issues e. VDA registration error message, that werent fixed until 7. No hotfixes will be released for CR. To get hotfixes, upgrade to the newest CR. LTSR cons. Features not in LTSR Some features are not included in the LTSR program. In other words, these features dont get 5 years of support, and might not even be included in the LTSR installer. Personal v. Disk and App. Disks Note these will eventually be replaced by Citrix App Layering. Framehawk. Features in CR but not LTSR When 7. LTSR. Will you upgrade to 7. CR upgrade train Or will you wait until the next LTSR, probably released sometime in 2. See Xen. App Xen. Desktop 7. 1. 5 LTSR Feature Summary Comparison with 7. LTSR for the list of features added to the Current Releases but not available in LTSR until 7. LTSR was released. This should give you a sense of what youre missing out by staying with LTSR. Xen. App 6. 5 features added to CR but not LTSR For migrations from 6. LTSR instead of 7. LTSR. Much prior Xen. App 6. 5 functionality was added to CRs released after 7. LTSR e. g. zoneslocal host cache, app limits, multiple license types, tags, idle time in Director, TLS 1. These features are not in 7. Tcp Test Tool. LTSR. Dont mix CR and LTSR components As soon as you upgrade one LTSR component to CR, upgrade all other LTSR components to CR, and keep them updated with new CRs every 6 months. When the next LTSR is released, you can stop upgrading except for Cumulative Updates. Or, deploy CR in a separate environment. Use Citrix LTSR Assistant tool to confirm LTSR compliance. Some app vendors require you to remain on LTSR. LTSR compatible components require frequent upgrades Some components, like App Layering, are LTSR compatible, meaning theres no LTSR version, but its OK to use them in an LTSR environment. Since theyre CR and not LTSR, youre expected to update the CR components to the latest release every 6 months. Theres no LTSR version of Citrix Licensing. Instead, always upgrade Citrix Licensing to the latest CR version. Theres no LTSR version of App Layering. Instead, always upgrade App Layering to the latest CR version. For Windows 1. 0 support on 7. LTSR, install the latest CR VDA, which is currently VDA 7. VDAs with other OS versions must use LTSR VDA 7. Xen. AppXen. Desktop Supported versions. The most recent release of Xen. App and Xen. Desktop is version 7. Long Term Service Release. There are two LTSR versions of Xen. App and Xen. Desktop 7. LTSR, and 7. 6. 3. LTSR. No Cumulative Updates have yet been released for 7. LTSR. Several XAXD 7. LTSR Cumulative Updates have been released, resulting in version number 7. The. 4. 00. 0 indicates the patch level, while 7. Examples of non supported versions Xen. Desktop 7. 6. 0 is not LTSR, and is more than 1. Note 7. 6. 0 is different than 7. Xen. Desktop 7. 1. LTSR, and more than six months past release date, so Citrix will not provide any code fixes. Once 1. 8 months have elapsed, Citrix will not support it at all. Receiver Supported versions. The most recent release of Receiver for Windows is version 4. LTSR version. There are two LTSR versions of Receiver 4. LTSR, and 4. 4 LTSR. No Cumulative Updates have yet been released for Receiver 4. LTSR. Several Receiver 4. LTSR Cumulative Updates have been released, resulting in version number 4. The. 5. 00. 0 indicates the patch level, while 4. See Citrix CTX2. 00. Additional Lifecycle Information for Citrix Receiver for Windows. Component Version Dependencies. Director uses the Citrix Monitoring Service that is installed on the Delivery Controllers. New Director features dont work unless Delivery Controllers, and sometimes VDAs are upgraded. See Director Feature compatibility matrix for details. Provisioning Services  if you use the Xen. Desktop Setup Wizard, then Pv. S servers should be the same version as the Controllers. Otherwise, Pv. S version is independent of Xen. Desktop version. Workspace Environment Management WEM  newer WEM can configure newer Profile Management features. Otherwise, WEM is independent from Xen. Desktop. SCOM Packs should be the same version or newer than the components they are monitoring. Check each SCOM Pack release notes for supported component versions. Receiver Many Xen. AppXen. Desktop features require a specific version of Receiver. If you are deploying CR releases, then deploy the newest CR Receiver. If you are deploying LTSR Cumulative Updates, then deploy the latest LTSR Receiver. Net. Scaler Gateway Some Newer Citrix features require newer Net. Scaler Gateway firmware. For example EDT Enlightened Data Transport Adaptive Transport.