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Tomb Raider Chronicles Game Info and Walkthrough. Initial Release November 2. Multi Usb Guard Full Version. Metacritic Score 5. ESRBPEGI Rating Teen1. American Gunster Game'>American Gunster Game. Platforms Windows, Play. Station, Sega Dreamcast. Later Macintosh, Play. El primer juego titulado simplemente Tomb Raider, lleg en el ao 1996, y sali para las consolas Sega Saturn, Playstation, NGage y tambin para PC. GamersGate is the leading digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide anytime, anywhere. TombRaiderChronicles_sc013?$TwoColumn_Legacy$' alt='Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles Pc' title='Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles Pc' />Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles PcTomb Raider seria gier komputerowych, komiksw, powieci i filmw opowiadajcych o przygodach fikcyjnej, brytyjskiej archeolog Lary Croft. Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles Pc' title='Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles Pc' />More info about the project here http Facebook page httpswww. TombRaiderDox. Detailed walkthrough for the original 1996 Tomb Raider game. Includes all items, weapons, enemies and secrets, plus cheat codes and strategy. Station 3 and PSP via Play. Station Network. Spoiler free Synopsis After being buried alive in the Temple of Horus at the end of The Last Revelation, our heroine is presumed dead. Friends and colleagues gather at Croft Manor to pay their respects and reminisce over Laras past deeds. In flashback sequences the player gets to relive four of these adventures The hunt for the Philosophers Stone in Rome, a deep sea dive off the coast of Russia in search of the Spear of Destiny, a brush with Hellspawn in old Ireland, and a foray into a high tech office complex to retrieve the Iris artifact. Laras fate is still unknown, but these four mini stories helped fill the gap between The Last Revelation  and The Angel of Darkness. Tomb Raider Level Editor TRLE This is included on a separate CD sold with the PC and Macintosh version of Chronicles. Console players can download the software but it can only be used to build levels for PC or Mac. My Level Editor page includes more information and download links. Whats New Since TR4 The game engine is pretty much the same as in Last Revelation. Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles Pc' title='Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles Pc' />Lara has some new outfitsarctic camo for the Russian sub base levels, even an Extreme Depth Suit for swimming in icy watersand in the Irish adventure, we get to play as the teenage Lara. Lara also gets a few new moves She can now tightrope walk, swing around horizontal bars and somersault out of tight spaces. See the controls page for details. Saving Your Game There are unlimited saves on all platforms however, players using the PC version may encounter a bug that prevents saving the game at all. Fortunately this is easily fixed. See the bug note at the start of the walkthrough for details. PC and Macintosh savegame files are available in case you make a bad save, want to skip a level, etc. Secrets There are 3. If you find them all, after the credits youll be able to access Special Features from the options menu. This is a collection of storyboards, etc., created during the game design. Bonus Levels No official add ons, but check out the Level Editor page for links to sites with player created levels you can download. Classic Tomb Raider Games on New Systems Chronicles was designed for Windows 9. Me but can be patched to run in newer versions of Windows. There are also a number of fan made mods to enhance your gaming experience. See the TR5 Downloads page for details. For help running the Macintosh version on newer systems, visit Mac. Raider. pdated versions for PC that require no patching are available for download from GOG. Steam. The Play. Station Store has versions for PS3 and PSP. Unfortunately the PSPPS3 version of Chronicles is not available in all regions. Becoming an Expert Raider. If youve never played a Tomb Raider game beforeor even if you haveI encourage you to check out my TR5 Controls and Gameplay Tips Strategy pages. They include pointers on moving Lara through her environment, conserving health and ammo, using the menu and inventory systems, and much more. All the cinematics are included in this HD cutscenes video from Goldfish. Gam. 3r. See here for cutscene dialogue transcripts. Tomb Raider Chronicles Walkthrough. Russian Submarine. Level 4 The Base. Level 5 The Submarine. Level 6 Deepsea Dive. Level 7 Sinking Sub. Ireland. Level 8 Gallows Tree. Level 9 Labyrinth. Level 1. 0 Old Mill. VCI Headquarters. Level 1. 1 1. 3th Floor. Level 1. 2 Escape with the Iris. Level 1. 3 Red Alert Some screenshots courtesy of AnubisAF, Tomb Raider Saga and Katies Tomb Raider Site. Tomb Raider on Steam.