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Heres What to Know If DACA Ends. President Trump is expected to end the Obama era program that protected young undocumented immigrants from deportation, according to reports. Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA program, hundreds of thousands of dreamers who arrived in the United States as small children, many who have little recollection of their birth countries, were allowed, temporarily, to work in the country legally. Cartier Serial Number Rings. While Mc. Clatchy reports that these individuals will likely be allowed to stay in the U. Ultimate Jazz Fake Book Eb Pdf File' title='Ultimate Jazz Fake Book Eb Pdf File' />S. The Immigrant Legal Resource Center explains what those affected need to know if DACA ends PDF Work Permits Employment Authorization Documents EADs, also known as work permits, are generally valid until they expire or the government demands they be returned. PokNatomyAn Unofficial Guide to the Science of Pokmon is a newly available book that takes a biological look at the original 150 Pokmon. Unless the government demands that you return your work permit, the following points should apply If the DACA program ends but you are allowed to keep your work permit, you have the right to work legally until your work permits expiration date. Even if the DACA program ends, you have no obligation to inform your employer that DACA has ended. Your employer does not have the right to ask you whether you are a DACA recipient or how you got your work permit. Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair Remastered Youtube. Your employer does not have the right to fire you, put you on leave, or change your work status until after your work permit has expired. Big Game Fishing Vanuatu there. If your expiration date is nearing, your employer may ask you for an updated work permit but cannot take any action against you until after it is expired. For more information about your rights as an employee see this advisory by the National Immigration Law Center. Social Security Numbers SSNsYour SSN is a valid SSN number for life, even once your work permit and DACA approval expires. If you have not done so already, apply for a SSN while your DACA and work permit are still valid. You can and should continue to use the SSN you got under DACA as your SSN even after your work permit expires. You can use your SSN for education, banking, housing and other purposes. Ultimate Jazz Fake Book Eb Pdf File' title='Ultimate Jazz Fake Book Eb Pdf File' />Your SSN contains a condition on it that requires a valid work permit to use it for employment purposes. Drivers Licenses and Other Identification Cards. Eligibility for these depends on the state in which you live. If you have not already done so, apply for a drivers license or state identification card if your DACA is still valid and that makes you eligible for a drivers license or state issued identification card in your state. More information is available in the above linked document, which is also available in Spanish and Chinese. The tweet from the fake Assange account reads, Trump condemned hours ago. Did Obama denounce BLM or Antifa Hillary CNN Double standard is driving the hate.