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Research Resources and Research Tools by Marcus P. Zillman. 0. 192GIT New games Akai Katana 2010 813 MASTER VER. The Big Joke Version 0. New clones Gunbird 2 set 2 and Gran Trak 10Trak 10Formula K older. WB0B348C6.png?v=2.0.4' alt='Unify Bootstrap Template' title='Unify Bootstrap Template' />Express Helpline Get answer of your question fast from real experts. Radhika Bhatt. Website Redesign. GTLD Network and AIGA Create a thon. I participated in the inaugural AIGA D. C. Create a thon, a 2. I worked with a team of 2 designers and 1 content specialist to redesign a website for a local organization called GTLD Network. GTLD Network is a parent run non profit in Montgomery County, Maryland that supports students with learning disabilities and gifted students who learn differently. The GTLD Network, Inc. The purpose of GTLD Network is to act as a support network for parents, and to offer resources to support the education of the varying needs their children may have. The Problem. Within the first two hours of the night, we identified what GTLD Network had a website, PDF documents, and infrequently updated calendar. We also identified what they didnt have a consistent website, a logo, a brand, or content strategy. Di4M8q3hfEg/Vp1IzOag7ZI/AAAAAAAADY8/lGg7pP8q7uk/s1600/Rabins%2BXP%2BHTML5%2BTemplate_unify-v1_9_blog_large_full_width_html.png' alt='Unify Bootstrap Template' title='Unify Bootstrap Template' />Biopython Tutorial and Cookbook Jeff Chang, Brad Chapman, Iddo Friedberg, Thomas Hamelryck, Michiel de Hoon, Peter Cock, Tiago Antao, Eric Talevich, Bartek Wilczy. My team worked to create a redesigned website, improved content strategy, a logo, and a brand all within 2. I was the developer on the team, so my role was to redesign the website. The Process. Client Research. Feature Prioritization. Information Architecture. Sketching. Website Build. Client Research. In order to understand the client needs, I sat down with a representative from GTLD Network and interviewed them on their current process, what tools they use, how they communicate with the families they serve, and what their needs are. Based on that, our team identified these improvements that we could deliver to the client A website that can be easily managed by multiple people. A logo that is easy to read and understand. A brand that communicates education, intelligence, and compassion. I served as the developer on the team. In order to redesign the website, I had to research the client and their existing products. Dorcel Natalli Diangelo. I looked at their existing website and presence they had online. This is what the website looked like when we began the project Feature Prioritization. With a 2. 4 hours time limit, I focused on the following improvements to the website Create consistent navigation from page to page. Organize the website content. Design a website consistent with the brand. Include imagery of education and children. Information Architecture. I worked with the content strategist to come up with an information architecture that would organize the website content in an intuitive manner. Website Build. One of the first requirements we identified was that the website will be managed by non technical volunteers, therefore it was important to build the website in a content management system which people could learn easily. I built the website using Wordpress and built out each page following the content organization the team created. Upon handover of the website, I created a custome step by step guide to updating the website.