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Z View Software' title='Z View Software' />Rocket helps companies worldwide optimize and modernize their IBM Z, IBM Power, and MultiValue platforms to help create new user experiences and efficiencies. Below are definitions of various terms relevant to Teamcenter and Product Lifecycle Management PLM. This document is very much an ongoing workinprogres. RTI specializes in remote control products for AV, lighting, security and more for your home or office. Learn about our custom automation systems today. Stardock is a cuttingedge innovator specializing in desktop utility software. Popular applications include Start8 Fences and Object Desktop. Teamcenter Glossary The PLM Dojo. Below are definitions of various terms relevant to Teamcenter and Product Lifecycle Management PLM. This document is very much an ongoing work in progress. I make every attempt to define the terms correctly, however the definitions are my own. Sometimes I may be wrong and sometimes I may do a poor job of explaining the term. The point is, this is a resource, but it is not authoritative. If you have business critical decisions to make that hinge on the definitions here, I suggest you get a second, independent, opinion. Index. 09. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Tier One of two possible architectures for Teamcenter client installations. The two tiers are, Client tier. The users local machine. Resource tier. The database and volume data servers. In a 2 tier configuration there is a server process, tcserver. Find IBM Software products by capability Do you have a general idea of the kind of product youre looking for Try searching for your solution here. This configuration is only recommended when the client and the server are both on the same LAN. Read more 4 tier One of two possible architectures for Teamcenter client installations. The four tiers are, Client tier. This is the users local machine. Web tier. This is a web server which routes communications between the client tier and the application server tier. Enterprise tier. This consists of one or more application pool servers which run the Teamcenter server processes. Resource tier. The database and volume data tiersBecause the Enterprise and Resource tiers are generally co located with a high bandwidth, low latency connection between them, this architecture is preferred for WANs or any time when there is a high latency between the client and the resource tiers. AAction Handler. A workflow handler which performs some sort of action. Developers, innovative startups and researchers from all over the world submit your breakthrough innovative IoT solutions. Get a discounted Gemalto development kit. Ez GTA is an enterprise solution for international trade. GTA is browserbased software that can interface seamlessly with your business system to generate. Nonprofit organization serving the online community by providing old versions of various programs. See also, Rule Handler. Alt Rep. Alternate Representations. In the Unigraphics integration with Teamcenter, alt reps are additional datasets which describe the design described by the UGMASTER dataset. Alt reps are alternate representations of the geometry. A significant limitation with alt reps is that they cannot be assemblies. Attribute. A persistent property of a business object. Attributes are columns in a database table. Read More Assembly. Assembly Structure. BBill of Materials. A listing of parts and documents which make up a deliverable product. For a CAD model this may be referred to as its assembly structure. BMIDEBusiness Model Integrated Development Environment. A stand alone program used to define the Teamcenter data model. Read more BOMSee Bill of Materials. BOM View Revision. The BOM for a specific item revision. BOM, Imprecise. A BOM structure in which the components are Items, not Item Revisions. Read more BOM, Precise. A BOM structure where each component is an Item Revision. Read more Business Object. Business Object, Primary. How To Program The Logitech Harmony 300 Manual more. A business object which uses its own, dedicated, storage class which has the same name as the business object and which is at the same location in the class hierarchy as the business object is in the business object hierarchy. Read More Business Object, Secondary. A business object which uses the same storage class as one of its ancestor business objects in the type hierarchy. Read More BVRSee BOM View Revision. CCNSee change notice. Cache Server. CAD BOMThe BOM generated by a CAD tool. Typically the CAD BOM might not contain non geometric items, such as adhesives and paint, and may contain different representations of the same component, especially when the component is deformable and is shaped to fit in different installations. Read more Change Notice. Change Request. Class. See Storage Class. Component. An element of an assembly. May refer to piece parts, which do not have any components, or sub assemblies, which do. CRSee change request. DDataset. A workspace object which is an abstraction of a file stored in Teamcenter. A dataset typically contains one or more named references, which may be files stored on the volume server or forms. Read More Dataset Tool. An object that defines which applications, based on MIME type, will open named references in a dataset, based on file type. Deep Copy Rule. A configuration option for Item Revisions which defines how related objects, such as datasets and BVRs will be handled when a new revision is created. Typical options are to not copy the related object, to add a reference to the existing object under the new revision, or to create a duplicate object under the new revision. EEBOMEngineering BOM. The complete BOM of a Part, which can be used for ordering and building the part. See also, CAD BOM, MBOM. EDSElectronic Data Systems. A software services company which used to own the Unigraphics software product. EREnhancement Requests. Placebo pills given out by GTAC when your IR has been declared to be working as designed but you insist that things shouldnt be designed that way. In theory, ERs may eventually be implemented in the application, although reports of this actually happening are generally considered to be apocryphal. FFolder. A workspace object used to collect related objects together. Folders in Teamcenter are similar to folders in Microsoft Windows with one key difference, objects may belong to multiple Teamcenter folders. Folder, Pseudo. A virtual folder which shows a relationship between the folders parent object usually an item revision and zero or more objects which are related via a common relationship. The most common of these is the view pseudo folder which appears underneath item revisions to show the components of the parent revision. Read More Form. An object used to gather and display a certain set of properties. The most commonly seen forms are item and revision master forms, although others may be created and used in a variety of ways. GGRM Rule. Short for Generic Relationship Management Rule. Russian Alphabet Font'>Russian Alphabet Font. GRM Rules define the cardinality e. Many, Many Many for relationships between different types of objects. GTACGlobal Technical Access Center, the product support help desk for Siemens PLM products. Phone Number 1 8. II DEASA CAD application developed by SDRC, which was merged into NX when Unigraphics Solutions acquired SDRC. Man. The old name for the software application which was eventually renamed as Teamcenter Engineering. IR1. Abbreviation for Item Revision. Abbreviation for Incident Report, used for tracking calls to GTAC. Calls are initially classified as IRs, but then may be turned into PRs Problem reports or ERs Enhancement Requests. IRMAbbreviation for Item Revision Master. Item. The basic object used to track a single, revisable, piece of data. Typically used for drawings and parts, it may also represent manufacturing data, parts list, or other types of data. Read More Item element. Item Master. A form object attached to every item containing fields which may contain extra properties about the item. Prior to Teamcenter 8 this was the only way to store extra properties in i. Man or Teamcenter Engineering. See also, Item Revision Master. Item Revision. A specific revision of an Item. Item Revision Master. A form attached to every item revision containing fields which may contain extra properties about the item revision. Prior to Teamcenter 8 this was the only way to store extra properties in i. Man or Teamcenter Engineering. See also, Item Master. ITKInformation Tool Kit. The API for writing server side customizations for Teamcenter in C or C. Read more Item Type. Business object type for a business object which inherits from the Item business object. Download PDF Software PDF Download for Windows, Android Mac. Small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer that allows you to open, view, and print any PDF file. Unlike other free readers, it enables you to create PDFs, participate in a shared review, and more.